Astros 2013 Promotional Schedule

As the fine TCB writers continue cover the ever approaching 2013 baseball, lets go another direction. The average fan like myself doesn’t have season tickets and enjoys a nice seat on a couch watching baseball. We already know social media nights are back, further info here. The times I do bring myself to brave Houston traffic to go to a Astros game is normally on a promotional night. At the time of this posting haven’t put their promotional calendar up on

Alas there was a solution to this problem, at every turn at Fanfest this year, team representative where handing out pocket schedules. Included in that pocket schedule is the promotional schedule at the very least part of it.

Every Friday is "Friday Night Fireworks" – Nothing is better then watching the Astros lose to the Angels 14-3 and to then have a reason to linger at the stadium even longer.

3/31 – Schedule Magnet – 40,000 - As if the pageantry of Opening Day is not enough; it wouldn’t be complete without getting a magnet that may or may not include a player no longer on the team by July.

4/5, 5/3, 8/9 - "Big and Bright Friday Nights" – 10,000 - The Astros would like to thank you for staying through "pre-firework show" baseball game.

4/6 – Inaugural Al West Baseball – 10,000 - The baseballs will not be handed out till the 8th inning, Bud Selig will be holding on to them until the Astros "agreed" to move back to the Astrodome. The faces of Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton will be depicted on the ball with the caption "We’re so glad to see you guys again".

4/19 – Mini Bat Night - 10,000 – 10,000 Astros fans with small bats, nothing can go wrong, right?

5/4 – Astros Umbrella – 10,000 - I’m willing to bet that Rihanna’s "Umbrella" song will be played at some point during this game. With that thought, I’m going to have to skip this game.

5/5 – Los Astros T-Shirts – 10,000 - Now if only the Astros were playing the Brewers while they wore their "Los Cerveseros" jerseys.

5/10, 5/11, 5/12 – Pink Cosmetic Bag Set, Pink Ladies Hat, Pink Canvas Tote Bag – 10,000 – A full weekend of pink, that my girlfriend will assuredly will be bringing me along to.

5/25 – Bayou Bash – Crawfish, beer, zydeco, and baseball – what’s not to love?

8/24 – Orange Alternate Home Replica Jersey – 10, 000 - We’ve got sizes XL, XL, and XL. What’ll be?

9/15 – Dog Day - Dog day, yup it’s dog day.

9/29 – Team Poster - 10,000 – A 1,000 thousand copies of the 2013 Astros seem like a bit much, let alone 10,000.

I’ve left the two best promotions for last – at least they are the ones I’m sure to go to.

4/20 – Jose Altuve Bobblehead – 10,000 - This bobblehead will create a new unit of measure – How many Altuve bobbleads? A full Altuve will be made up of "X" number of Altuve bobbleheads.

6/15 Orbit Bobble Belly – 10,000 - Somebody really dropped the ball when they didn’t make a bobble belly for Carlos Lee.

That’s it; see you guys at the ballpark.

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