Missing Pieces

In late December it can be taxing to find anything new going on in the trade front, especially with the Houston Astros. Those guys in the front office are just so freaking tight lipped. I mean come on, you got to give a fan a morsel to saver right? Well, from cruising the internet hard I find nada thing nada thing! I have been reading on different sites and blogs what long shots we would be on a Shin-Soo Choo, Abreu, and now Tanaka. I read from other bloggers that to gather pieces like that would hamper the rebuild effort because it would tighten the purse strings to much to continue to be able to sign our draft picks. I for one do not understand this logic what so ever. Jim Crane has shown the ability to spend with the owners group when they made the purchase of the Houston Astros at a substantial price. If anyone thinks that they are cash poor they might want to revisit that idea. For argumentative purposes we will say I am correct about ownerships cash flow. Are we ready to start adding serious pieces to the puzzle?

1. Don't hamper the rebuilding plan

2. Don't sign a back loaded contract

3. Fill needs that will not be addressed or we know is weak in our AA-AAA system.

As a GM I know my job will be in jeopardy if we don't start getting fans in the seats, I meet with Crane and Ryan and explain that our farm system is moving right along at a successful pace. We need to create a stir in our Houston market and hopefully around MLB that the Astros are going to be a force in the AL West sooner rather than later. We need to get some people excited about coming out to the ball park!

Crane and Ryan says to Luhnow.... wait man, we don't have a TV deal in place. Luhnow says so I am supposed to let your Houston Astros just sit stagnant while you look for a way to secure a TV deal? Lets give the TV guys a taste of the Astros. Oh wait, we are waiting for the guys to come up from our drafts to play great baseball.

OK, that scenario would probably never fly, but you get my drift. We need to complement our upcoming players with free agency. I don't think at this particular time its a good idea to sign a FA that you will lose a draft pick on, unless it fills a need for a long tem period. ie. Shin-Soo Choo. He would have filled a hole that will remain and we will probably still have to fill it via FA market later. But really, why wait? 7 year contract.... are you saying we aren't going to be competitive for the next 7? Let me know now, because I will follow another team if that's the case.

Why aren't we securing a first baseman? I know we have Singleton coming up. I think he is better served playing a full year longer at OKC. Then bring him up May/June the following year. Gives him more maturity and he desperately needs that. Mature professional baseball guys should be able to lay down the pot for a good payday.

I feel we need to add a MLB ready #1-2 pitcher, MLB ready 1st baseman, and an MLB ready OF that can get on base and hit for some power.

I think now is the time to get these player, adding them into the mix and start a cohesion, so that as our prospects enter our franchise, they see a winning demeanor, and will strive to be as good as that guy that's making 20 million a year. That makes a team strong.

Kill the rebuild? Never ever. We need to rebuild every year. Look at the Cards... Fill our glairing needs? Of course.

Your thought for or against will be read with enthusiasm from an Astros fan.

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