A culture accepting and nurturing of failure

Forewarning, I will embark on a rant the likes of which the stars in the sky have never before seen. Ill probably step on a toe or two in the process.

Gentlemen, We are knocking on the door of history as far as being the most piss poor team in major league history and we have fans root root rooting for a continuation of this bottoming out. To root for a 1st overall pick three straight years is to root for the Astros to be a historically god awful club.

I for one just want to watch good baseball. None of us are promised tomorrow and I'd rather not go out having my team in the cellar. The Houston Astros are a complete joke, and I'm sick of it. I'm tired of people poking fun at me about my infamously futile bunch that I love with all of my heart. I'm about ready to throw fisticuffs over the whole ordeal. Don't get me wrong, I buy into the rebuild and I buy into the plan but this offseason was BS. Lack of talent, and ill advised long term deals aside, you want a cost effective low risk way of guaranteeing an extra several wins? bolster a barren bullpen, it's quite simple, and we chose to neglect it.

Also, the farm system is now far from weak. We are in a very good place as far as depth, and talent throughout the system, so lets go put a decent product on the field and win some games. We are going into the lions den and did absolutely nothing to ease the pain of the thrashing that we will endure. We have a legitimate shot next year at garnering the most losses in a ML season and nobody is pissed off?

Chew on that for a moment.

you play to win. You root for your team to win. I understand the future but damn is it that imperative that we blow so bad we lock in the 1st pick? Jeff Luhnow is a wizard, it doesnt matter if we pick 1st or 30th, we will field a good draft class year in and year out. Also what is everyone's fascination with 1.1? Especially with these draft classes that we have had and the ones coming up. They don't boast a bevy of top of the line talent. I guarendamntee you that we will continue to go over slot on guys after the first and I guarantee you that over time we will Benefit greater from the over slot guys past the first round. This idea that if we're not winning it all, we might as well be the bad news bears, just blows my mind. I would much rather have the Astros win 80 games this year and draft 10-20 then have them win 50 and go 1.1.

I watch the Astros for one damn reason, I watch them to compete and hopefully pull out a win. Isn't that the reason any of us tune in? Do any of us seriously hope we get the L on a certain day that the cubbies are "gaining ground" on us in the L column? if your answer to that is yes, then find your ears, pull your head out of your butt, and look deep within to try to find what's left of a man inside of you.

The season has not yet begun and we are talking, and some hoping, about the wondrous possibility of being the worst team in the league yet again all to get a higher draft selection that's a complete crap shoot anyways. I understand the draft is the most vital aspect to success of an organization, but for the love of all that is good, have some pride about your team. I understand its not likely we do well this year, but if we play hard nosed fundamental baseball, you never know. We have adopted a culture of failure, plain and simple. you think Craig Biggio want us to "compete" for that #1 overall pick? Hell no.

One last thing If we continue to nurture a culture of failure I guarantee you our precious prospects (the few that work out) will be half the ball players they could be if raised in a winning environment. Losing is suffocating. It starves a ball player of his will and drive. I guess what I'm trying to get across is root for your Astros to win, not for them to draft at a higher slot. Be competitive, thats what the game is all about. get pissed off at the fact that we are headed to the toughest division in baseball, and our acquisitions were headlined by Carlos Pena, and Jose Veras. Quit being complacent with losing.

I'll get off my soap box now.

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