The Inevitable 100-Loss Season: How Bad Will It Be?

Astros, Astros, Astros... Wherefore art thou, Astros?

Reading Shakespeare has been easier than watching the Astros this season.

Yes, it's been that bad.

So, the Astros are on their way to their first 100-loss season. It's a dubious milestone, but it's one that almost all other teams in the majors have done. The only teams to not have done it yet are the Colorado Rockies and the Los Angeles Angels. The Astros are on this list, but let's be honest, they're going to make it there.

They will.This was predicted at the mid-season mark.

The Astros hadn't even lost 90 games in a season until this season. At 95 losses with 25 games left in the season, I am no longer interested in when the Astros will lose their 100th game (they could do it next week); no, I am more interested in predicting how many games they will lose this season.

The record for the worst record in baseball history belongs to the Cleveland Spiders. They went 20-134 in 1899. It was also their last season in existence.

In modern major league baseball, the worst record of all-time goes to the 1962 Mets, who went 40-120. Next to that, the 2003 Detroit Tigers went 43-119.

Is it possible that the Astros will become the worst baseball team in the modern era?

Let's take a look:

The Astros' next series is against the division-leading Cincinnati Reds. If the Reds don't sweep, it will be something for the Astros to celebrate. That would bring their record to 42-98.

After that, the Astros get the lowly Chicago Cubs. The Cubs may be the second worst team in the majors, but they are still a full 9.5 games better than the Astros. The Astros could take two of three from them, and the fact that the series is at home helps them out -- a little. This would bring their record to 44-99.

Not bad... by worst team ever standards.

After that begins the gauntlet for a team that is streaking for one of the worst records ever.

They'll get a four-game set with the Philadelphia Phillies after the Cubs. With the Phillies trying at an outside shot to make the playoffs, don't expect much. They might take one of the four games. This would bring their record to 45-102.

Then come the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals are pushing for one of the Wild Card spots in the NL, so, again, don't expect anything. The Astros will get swept. 45-105.

60 games under .500.

Next come the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Pirates are pushing for a playoff spot, as well. Another sweep. 45-108.

Then the Cardinals again. Another sweep -- 45-111.

After that, the Astros get a little relief in the Milwaukee Brewers. The Astros have played the Brewers hard this season, but by this point, you've got to imagine that the 'Stros will have already brought up the entire Triple-A squad just for practice purposes. They'll take one game in this series -- 46-113.

The Astros then go to Chicago for the final series of the regular season. The Cubs will almost certainly want to bury the Astros to further distance themselves from one of the worst records in league history. The Astros will take one game at Wrigley -- 47-115.

47-115. Grab your Android tablet from T-Mobile; you're going to want to watch something else for the last month of the season at Minute Maid.

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