in which I construct the Astros 2013 starting lineup

I have been reading multiple posts from other TCB'ers, regarding what the Astros should do in 2013 with their free agent money. I wanted to throw my 2 cents in, so these are my thoughts:

I think we are set in the infield with our current roster. I would start Wallace at 1B, Altuve at 2B, Lowrie at SS, and Dominguez at 3rd. I think Tyler Greene and Marwin Gonzalez have shown enough to be utility infielders, and Castro should continue to develop behind the plate.

The outfield is a different story, and this is where money should be spent. I am over and done with Bogey, F-Mart and Barnes. Feel free to make an argument to the contrary, but I don't think any of them are even replacement level MLB outfielders. Jimmy Paredes needs his opportunity, and I would give him one spot. The other two should be filled with FA outfielders. My personal preference would be to reacquire Michael Bourn to play center ( heck, we didn't get anything for him anyway), he's from here, and he's loved by Astros fans. I would also acquire Shane Victorino. He's now without a job in LA, and would make a great #2 hitter. Maxwell would be my 4th outfielder.

Harrell, Lyles and Norris should make up 3/5ths of the starting rotation, and a quality FA( Edwin Jackson?) can help solidify from the top. The 5th starter can be determined at Spring Training, with Weiland getting first look.

We need a DH next year, and Carlos Lee or Lance Berkman are not doing it for me. I would acquire Mark Reynolds, who will hit 35 - 40 bombs, and can fill in at 1st and 3rd.

That leaves a reconstructed bullpen made up of current minor leaguers, some solid FA signings, and Wilton Lopez to close. Unless the Rocket wants the job. No, Just kidding.

Starting lineup:










This team should be respectable, 70 or so wins, bringing fans back to MMP, while waiting for Singleton, Springer, Correa, DDS, and the rest of the cavalry. Adding 40 mill a year for 4 FA as suggested above will not break the bank or inhibit the progression of our minor leaguers. Bourn gets 5 years, Victorino, Reynolds, and Jackson 3 each. We will have to overpay to get these guys, I know. That's why shorter deals at bigger bucks makes sense to me. Jim Crane, we need this!

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