Corpus Christi First-Hand: Ross Seaton, Velocity Readings And Other Moments

Alright, everybody, how are y'all doing? I'm doing great, for anyone that cares. Anyways, I went to the Hooks game last night and Ross Seaton was on the mound, which never really did anything to me...But then, I remembered that a lot of people here(including me) have been wondering where his velocity is sitting, preferably his fastball velocity. So yesterday, I decided to jot down all his velocity readings, including his slider, change-up and curveball. Just to let everyone know, it was pretty much a last-minute decision to do this, most since I knew a lot of people here were curious. So after the jump, I'll have a little bit of analyzation and I THINK all of his velocity readings.

We'll start with his fastball, which I can't even put into words how dominating he was with it. Just about every single pitch was a fastball, and every single fastball was pinpointed right where he wanted it. I really don't know what to say, it was just awesome watching the batters jump back on a fastball, but then to realize it was placed right on the inside corner.

Anyways, here are his readings(all pitches):

  • Fastballs in order from slowest to fastest: 2x 90, 11x 91, 23x 92, 12x 93, 6x 94;
  • Sliders " ": 1x 80, 1x 81, 1x 82, 6x 83, 8x 84, 1x 85;
  • Change-ups " ": 3x 84, 3x 85, 1x 86, 1x 88
  • Curveballs " ": 1x 76, 1x77

So, if I counted right, Seaton threw 54 of his 85 pitches as a fastball, which is 63.5% of the time. I didn't notice any trends at all, just that there seemed to be a lot of fastballs. It really was awesome. His slider was nasty, too. He garnered some really, really ugly swings with that pitch. I may have missed a couple pitches, as I only have accounted for 82 of 85 pitches. And I think it's pretty nice that he sat at 92 and 93 mph for the whole game. The only time where he threw more than 2 fastballs in a row, at lower than 92, was the 2nd to last batter; Seaton threw three 91 mph fastballs in a row, resulting in a line-out.

Seaton was sitting on his fastball and slider, and it worked. He constantly pounded the zone, getting really easy outs. His worst inning was the 5th, in which he may have been too aggressive. The 5th started by giving up a long fly ball to right field, and Jacob Goebbert caught the ball right at the short fence, at the right field bullpen. After the first batter, Seaton gave up really sharp double down the left field line, then that double was followed with an absolute shot to George Springer, who had hardly any time to catch the ball; he sprinted over to the warning track, making a great play. After the first 3 lucky shots, he got a routine fly ball out to Wates, who took about 5 steps back.

Another really impressive sequence was in the 7th inning. Seaton had got a strikeout, but that was followed by two sharp hits and lineout. Gary Ruby comes out of the dugout and visits(Seaton was rattled, it was obvious), and the very first pitch he throws to the next guy was a curverball at 77 mph, then a nice change-up swinging. On the 3rd pitch, he threw an ABSOLUTELY PERFECT slider on the outside corner. Jason Hagerty just flicked at the pitch(emergency hack), but missed.

His slider seemed to be devastating, and his change-up was a really strong compliment. His curveball was a rare sight, but it was thrown at the perfect times(3rd and 7th).

All in all, it really was a perfectly pitched game, that deserved some amature analysis. I was drooling and my mom was laughing at me because I was in such amazement. I think I was so happy and surprised because I told my mom(I was being absolutely serious) that Seaton would throw a complete game shut-out, striking out 4. He completely exceeded what I thought he would do; the only reason why his was GS was lower than his high of 83, was because of outs and the extra inning(thanks, reillocity). So, Imo, this was his best outing I've ever seen(Keith Bodie agrees).

I wanted to share this. This is Jacob Goebbert, who is one of the nicest players I've ever met. We talked for like 5 minutes and I told him 'Pride of Northwestern!' and he FREAKED out like a little kid. He was talking about his college days and how much he loves CC and the team. He said this is probably the most competitive team he's ever played with. He really appreciates the fans, which makes me feel good. I think he may be favorite non-top prospect, especially after yesterday. Also, considering how focused they usually are, I thought it was really cool how long he talked to me, and I did hardly any of the talking, which makes me feel even better.

P.S: I was very nervous and sweating like a beast because of how hot and humid it was.



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