My first attempt at a TCB Comments of the Week

Hello, everyone! I've been working on collecting some of my favorite comments I've read on the TCB site for the past week and I've decided to share some of them with you. I'd like to that a second to point out that it's impossible to include everyone's comments, or even all of the best ones due to space. That's because this website generates so many great comments that it would take up entirely too much space to reproduce them all. So with that in mind, I broke my criteria into 3 groups: Informative, Entertaining, and "Something Tim Purpura might say." For the latter category, I'll try to do a little "FJM" style commentary of my own. A caveat: I'm removing the names of the commenters for the Purpura category so as not to create a huge uproar, and please remember, it's all in fun. If you've got your feelings hurt about something, please just comment below and I'll remove it ASAP. So now, let's have some fun!

The Informative

I like the overall message that Jeff Luhnow seems to be sending to other MLB GMs.

It’s something along the lines of "I am willing to trade almost all of my major leaguers and I am not going to ask for a king’s ransom in terms of the prospects that I would like in return for them.". By adopting that position and making these recent moves well in advance of the first trade deadline, he may garner more inquiries than usual from other GMs on his players leading up to it. He’s also struck deals with 5 different front offices in those 7 trades, so he is clearly immersing himself in high-level discussions with many of his peers.

by reillocity on Jul 23, 2012 10:45 AM PDT reply actions 1 recs

Wandy will have contract obliations of $26 million through 2014 if he is traded. At his age that is very much a liability. I think teams would prefer that he be a rental rather than coming with that much future salary baggage.

by clack on Jul 23, 2012 12:42 PM PDT up reply actions

I don’t think an Altuve trade would make sense just basing it off of trends that Jeff Luhnow has historically followedi n his trade history, but there are things such as the number of players we have at 2nd base in the organization who are playing well that could influence such a trade. I’m not saying he’s a must-trade guy, but I’m not against trading him if we get some legitimate prospects in return just because someone else can fill in at 2nd almost immediately. He profiles, I think, similarly to Keppinger, but his value is higher because of things like team control, something that other teams who lack 2B depth would value a lot more than we would because we have such a large potential for turnover at 2nd.

Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it. - Henry Ford

by BustaPozee on Jul 23, 2012 9:46 PM PDT up reply actions

You shouldn't expect to find much usable lumber

When you tear down a rotting house.

Lee, Lyon, and Happ had almost no surplus value, so the returns from trading them are virtually something for nothing.

The return from Wandy is, as is to be expected, a little stronger, but not great. Let’s not forget, Wandy is a 33 year old finesse lefty, on a contract which makes him hard to trade, and who is widely undervalued around the league.

by OremLK on Jul 24, 2012 7:17 PM PDT up reply actions 1 recs


is the Astros redo on Ben Zobrist, the player that made me realize that our prior general managers didn’t really undersand baseball- thankfully this FO appears to value plate approach and OBP much more than previous versions. This guy is one of my new favorite prospects. I predict he starts next year in the outfield somewhere.

by Michael Rose on Jul 26, 2012 8:21 AM PDT reply actions

The Entertaining

Why Wade….why did you have to do this? Sad thing is they were more desperate to get outfield help/offense than to get pitching this year, and yet our trade was worse. Hopefully Clemens becomes a good closer so it doesn’t look that bad…

by Woodlands'stro on Jul 23, 2012 12:06 PM PDT via mobile up reply actions

if the Braves traded Delgado for 2 months of Dempster

and we couldn’t get him for Michael Bourn…..????


by illinibob on Jul 23, 2012 12:02 PM PDT up reply actions


I haven’t read all the comments yet so I may be late on this but I’m curious if you smoked some crack before writing this article. Trade Altuve? We are the worst team in the league, this guy just made the All Star team and he’s young/cheap….and we’re gonna trade him? Absolutely no freaking way.

by Scott Barker on Jul 24, 2012 8:31 AM PDT reply actions

The thing I liked...

about J-Mike was that he made me feel like I could be a pro baseball player too…and that was it.

by matthewdv on Jul 24, 2012 7:23 AM PDT reply actions

Have I missed reports that he won’t re-sign? That’s the kind of BS that I hope the Astros don’t do. They already have a top 3 farm, they don’t need add to that. They need to add big league guys. That’s why I’m against trading guys like Harrell and Altuve. I don’t want Houston to become some team that continuously rebuilds and gets addicted to prospect porn.

by MadMartygan on Jul 25, 2012 10:32 PM PDT up reply actions

.....ccislanders rant

I feel like someone at the said “Y’all should go see the!!! It’s a great site to tell people how dumb and stupid the organization is!! Go tell ’em all how dumb Jeff Losenow is, and how Jim Crane, Drayton McLane and Bud Selig ruined baseball in Houston forever!!!!”

I hate when people come over here and talk so much crap about being a diehard fan and that they’ll never watch baseball again. BASEBALL WILL NEVER, EVER BE THE SAME!! Oh and Jeff Losenow doesn’t have a clue what’s going on, what a retard. This organization will never find its way up. Thanks, Jimbo Crane and ’ol Drayton for ruining baseball forever. Go eff yourselves, retards.

Astros, Belmont, 'Bama and Corpus Christi.

by ccislanders on Jul 26, 2012 3:50 PM PDT reply actions 1 recs

Something Tim Purpura might say

In reference to Wandy to the Dodgers rumors:

If I were Luhnow I would demand Lee in the deal..

--and while you're at it, tell them you want all the right to Jackie Robinson as well!

Wandy isn’t getting traded.

-- Oops....

Post-Wandy Trade reaction:

No sir.

I don’t like it.

Wanted Hansen. Or an impact prospect, this seems like depth For our #1 sp.

-- Just because he's OUR #1, doesn't make A #1. Wandy was consistent. But that doesn't mean he's consistently dominant!

im pissed at the rumor.

Nothing like getting your hopes up and then to read fuckin Grossman is the centerpiece. Put me in a bad mood. I guess Grossman is okay. Hope he develops power. And id like to punch morose in his fat idiot head.

-- So, because someone reported bad information that sounded too good to be true, anything less than that is a crap deal? I know if my family bought me an Infiniti for my birthday I wouldn't be pissed because I heard I was getting a Ferrari.

melancon trade

will turn out good if Lowrie can every play a full season without getting injured. weiland is a bust

-- Melancon was in AAA for a large part of this season and we got a guy who can play SS and hit 14 HRs in just HALF a season? Weiland a bust? Hokay!

It must feel weird being 45 and watching all the 20 something year old players on nat'l tv, making millions

--Yes, actually, it does. Thanks for bringing it up...jerk

Wow some comments are unbelievable...

2 years ago, the comments were wait for Castro, JD, Wallace and others. I know the farm sucked. We will never grow enough talent to keep up with the rangers or angels! There is a lot of difference with every loss! Every loss counts. The problem with the current team is coaching, period. They could have won the series against the division leader, but ended up getting swept. Anyone that thought Cordero was going to be flipped for talent was insane. I appreciate the article Coleman…finally a truthful article about inept coaching decisions.

-- The Rays couldn't grow enough talent to keep up with the Yankees and Red Sox, either. Coaching, my friend, is by far the worst of this team's problems. Coaching doesn't make Schafer hit better. Coaching doesn't make FRod's "stuff" any better. Coaching doesn't prevent a strikeout with runners on third. Do you realize what hitting coaches do in the bigs? They feed soft toss, throw in the cage, and spit. Man do they spit a lot. They don't correct mechanics, work on approach, etc. They get you reps when you want reps and will give advice when you want advice. But for the most part, big league coaches aren't instructors.

And finally, the GIF of the week, and probably the best reply to anyone's comments for a while:

Astros' bullpen:

by mike_o on Jul 25, 2012 8:36 PM PDT reply actions

by Nado2036 on Jul 25, 2012 8:53 PM PDT up reply actions

This damn chicken is going to send me into a seizure
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