So what happens when every team is good?

Growing up (early to mid-2000s), I remember the Tigers, Pirates, Reds, Expos, Devil Rays and Blue Jays being pretty terrible. Now all of these teams are at the top of their division, excluding the Blue Jays who are still at the .500 mark (with the Expos, of course, now being known as the Nationals and the Devil Rays referred to as the Rays). You look at every division and every team seems to either be on the rise or have a bright future with a strong minor league team. Now, I'm no stats guru or history junkie and I'm far too lazy to look anything up, however I believe I am capable of forming a complete thought and writing some good material. I'm entering my senior year of high school at the top of my class with a 4.0-something GPA and hope to attend UT to study mechanical engineering or some type of journalism because sports has always been a passion of mine. But enough about me, let's look at the divisions.

I'll start with the AL:

AL East:

New York Yankees: They're always going to be good, no point in talking about them. They have money and can get whoever they want.

Baltimore Orioles: Surprise team of this year, with an odd run differential. They have some good players, and a couple studs in their system. They appear to be on the rise.

Tampa Bay Rays: They have tons of young talent and even more of it in the minors. They've come a long way from 7 or 8 years ago. It'll only be a matter of time before they win it all, despite a slowish start to this year.

Boston Red Sox: They're always going to be good, too. Money seems to win in this game sometimes. Another slow start this year, but they are still hovering at .500.

Toronto Blue Jays: Arguably the strongest minor league system with arguably the best power hitter in the game, as well as a stud 3B with nice pitching. On the rise.

Looking at this division, every team is solid and I consider all of them "good."

AL Central:

Chicago White Sox: Solid team who always somehow find a way to win. Not a strong minor league system but they have a stud in Chris Sale and Addison Reed looks to be pretty good. Plus, they usually make a splash in free agency.

Cleveland Indians: Another team that finds a way to win. They have some great players, but also have a weak minor league system. They may be just a solid pitcher away from being a contender, however.

Detroit Tigers: Tons of talent, they just need to put it all together. They have a few studs in the making coming up, too.

Kansas City Royals: Tons of young talent (Hosmer, Moustakas) with a lot right behind them in the minors. They always seem to be bad but their future should be bright.

Minnesota Twins: They have a solid nucleus, albeit aging nucleus, in Mauer and Morneau, with a middle of the pack farm. A few high draft picks along with some free agent pick up gems like they tend to find could catapult them to winning again in no time.

Again, all of these teams look to be winning in the future.

AL West:

Texas Rangers: What needs to be said? Tons of talent all around, they're good.

Los Angeles Angels: Trumbo? Trout? Pujols? Weaver? Wilson? Strong team.

Oakland Athletics: Maybe some new leadership can get them to winning. They have a strong system, always do, just need to put it together in the majors.

Seattle Mariners: Bright future with Ackley, Montero and Hultzen. They will be turning it around soon.

Once again, you could argue that all of these teams, along with the rest of the AL, will be winning.

Now for the NL:

NL East:

Washington Nationals: Harper, Strasburg, Zimmermann, Rendon if he stays healthy, Giolito (did they sign him?) That's all you need to build a strong team that can win for a while.

Atlanta Braves: They have a great MLB team along with one of the top farms. They could also throw a lot of money at a big time player.

New York Mets: Lots of talent, can never put it together. They have a lot of money, though and you can never count them out because they're from New York (kidding, kinda).

Florida Marlins: Weak minor leagues but carry a big wallet. Lots of talent on the major league team.

Philadelphia Phillies: Seem to be on the decline, but injuries have played a big role in that. They could probably sign whoever they want and have a few nice prospects coming up.

The trend continues with every team looking to be above average for a while.

NL Central:

Pittsburgh Pirates: It was only a matter of time before they figured it all out. With arguably the best player in the MLB running around in their outfield and a strong system their future is bright.

Cincinnati Reds: A pretty good team already with a pretty good system.

St. Louis Cardinals: A lot of talent and a lot of young players with tons of talent.

Milwaukee Brewers: Not a good minor league system but there is a lot of talent in Rickie Weeks and Ryan Braun.

Chicago Cubs: Rizzo is gonna be crazy good and Castro is solid. They have the money to go from worst to first in one good free agency period.

Houston Astros: Now to us. In my opinion, our future is bright with tons of talent just a few years away. I think we've got some great players playing for our affiliates, with small bust potential. We may still be missing a superstar but a couple more high draft picks should fix that.

You could make an argument that every team here could be a playoff team by 2015, as well.

NL West:

Los Angeles Dodgers: High market team, good nucleus, good farm system.

San Francisco Giants: Amazing pitching, a couple hitters away from another title.

Arizona Diamondbacks: Strong minors, a lot of talent on the major league roster as well.

San Diego Padres: Arguably the best system in the game which automatically makes their suckage not count.

Colorado Rockies: I'm gonna argue injuries here. They have two near superstars in Tulo and Cargo with some high ceiling players in their system.

Another strong division.

Now, maybe I proved my point that there doesn't seem to be any teams that you could automatically count a series win against. Maybe I didn't though. Of course, there will be regression among other things but I just see tons of talent for every team. Thanks for the read if you read it and share your opinion if you want! I appreciate your time.

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