Bogusevic Makes Pitching Debut; Astros Lima Oscar Sierra Echo

HOUSTON, TX - JUNE 07: David Carpenter #28 of the Houston Astros singles to center field as he breaks his bat against the St. Louis Cardinals on June 7, 2012 at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

If you're reading the title and wondering what Busta was smoking today, don't worry because the title was intentional and I'm not on drugs today, which should bode well if you want to keep on reading this recap. In case you're curious, what "Lima Oscar Sierra Echo" means is "lose" if you use the NATO alphabet that flight controllers often use to communicate with aircraft.

$50,000 was raised tonight for prostate cancer research with $10,000 being donated for each home-run hit. If you do the math, it turns out to be 6 home-runs that were hit tonight. Oh wait, you just thought Busta was wrong in calculating his math. "It's supposed to be 5 home-runs hit, not 6, silly Busta!", but I am just fooling with you guys just to try to get your minds off how much better the Astros weren't against the Cardinals tonight. After all, the Astros did hit -4 more homers than the Cardinals and scored -12 more runs against them as well, resulting in a spectacular win for the team that scored more runs tonight. After all, a grandslam was hit by the team that won.

So this was a great game for fans of the team that won, which may or may not be the Cardinals or the Astros. But I do know a few things for sure, Jed Lowrie hit a home-run in the first inning that was an opposite-field shot. Rhiner Cruz definitely did not give up 5 runs. Wesley Wright also definitely did not give up 2 runs. Also, Brian Bogusevic definitely was not the only pitcher of the game to not walk a batter.

Astros also announce Marwin Gonzalez to the DL. The Astros have several options at their expense. They could call up Matt Downs, who can play SS if needed. But most likely it will be Brian Bixler because the Astros don't have anybody who can backup SS. But if you like wildcards, it could be Jimmy Paredes, Mike Hessman, or Carlos Correa if you really want to wish big.

Among Oddities this game:

David Carpenter gets his 1st major league hit on a broken-bat single up in CF
Brian Bogusevic makes his major league pitching debut
Chris Johnson makes his 1st major league appearance in RF
Brett Wallace makes his 1st major league appearance at 3B
Chris Snyder makes his 1st Astros appearance at 1B and ends up not catching a pop-up.

Bogey's fastball was around 88 mph, with one touching 89 mph. Bogey, other than his fastball, threw one 80 mph change-up that was outside of the zone. He gave up 1 2-run homer, but it's a small sample size and Bogey's much better than what his ERA indicates.

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