Astros Minor League Recap: June 11, 2012

With the draft in the books and signings are trickling in, the minor league season is getting busy. The players in EST are getting ready to head out to their assignments starting today and the new signees are heading out as well. The short-season leagues are getting ready to start. But, let's go ahead and see how the full-season leagues are doing.

Oklahoma City went into Friday's game with 14 game win streak and had it snapped. But, that streak put them solidly in 1st place with a 2.5 game lead. Their record stands at 38-25 and good enough to be in contention in every division. Big change from last season. This team started off leaning on the pitching staff, but it's been the offense that has been pulling it along and maintaining success. Mike Hessman and Scott Moore have proven to be very good pickups and both could be considered players that could help the major league team at some point if more injuries occur. Moore being the more likely since Brett Wallace is ahead of Hessman on the depth chart at 1B.

Corpus has played much better since their losing streak, and actually have won seven of their last ten. But, they still sit in 3rd place and are five games back. They are at least over .500 with a 31-30 record. This is a frustrating team with all kinds of talent, but with all kinds of inconsistencies. They have a four game win streak and with Jonathan Villar finally coming alive, they may have a chance to sustain some success.

Lancaster has been hovering in the race but have had a few setbacks with Adam Bailey being promoted and George Springer getting hit by a pitch that has forced him out of the lineup for a few days. They still have a 33-31 record which has them in 3rd place of the four team division, but just one game back. This is a very tight division race with even the last place team being just four games back. With Telvin Nash hitting bombs again and the hope that Springer comes back soon, this team could still win the first half. But, the pitching is going to have to get back on track like they were earlier on in the season.

Despite Lexington's 35-27 record, they are still just middle of the pack and 7.5 games back. It's tough to seperate in this league as there are team with really good records and teams that are flat out terrible. There's been a lot of movement at this level with some players being shuffled around and there are likely a few more moves that will happen as well once the short-season leagues get started up. They'll have to anchor onto the front of the rotation of Tropeano and Folty to set the pace for the pitching staff as well as lean on a strong top of the lineup in DDJ, Duffy, and Johnson.

Game Scores Added

Saturday Games: June 9

Oklahoma City RedHawks lost 12-7

  • Dallas Keuchel-5 IP, 7 H, 5 R, 2 ER, 1 BB, 7 SO, 1 HR, 7/1 GO/AO, GS:45 102 pitches
  • Juan Abreu-1 2/3 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 2 BB, 4 SO
  • Jose Valdez-2/3 IP, 5 H, 6 R< 6 ER, 1 BB, 1 SO
  • Brandon Barnes CF-2-5, BB
  • Jimmy Paredes 2B-4-6, 2 SO, 2 SB
  • Brad Snyder RF-2-4, 2B, BB, 2 SO, 2 SB
  • Angel Sanchez SS-3-5, SB
  • JB Shuck LF-2-3
  • Jake Goebbert PH-1-1, 2B

Corpus Christi Hooks won 6-5

  • Jarred Cosart-6 IP, 7 H, 5 R, 5 ER, 3 BB, 6 SO, 2 HR, 9/3 GO/AO GS: 41, 104 pitches-The home runs really did him in
  • Kevin Chapman-1 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 2 SO
  • Arcenio Leon-2 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 2 BB, 3 SO
  • Jonathan Villar SS-3-3, BB, 4 SB
  • Jonathan Singleton 1B-1-3, 2 BB
  • Drew Locke CF-3-5, HR-Dude's back with a vengeance!

Lancaster JetHawks won 4-2

  • Ruben Alaniz-8 IP, 4 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 2 BB, 4 SO, 9/5 GO/AO, 105 pitches GS: 76
  • Jason Chowning-2/3 IP, 4 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 0 BB, 0 SO, 2/0 GO/AO
  • Enrique Hernandez LF-2-5, SO
  • Erik Castro DH-2-4, 2B, BB, SO
  • Telvin Nash RF-1-4, HR, BB, 2 SO
  • Jonathan Meyer 3B-2-4, 2B, BB, SO
  • Chris Epps CF-1-3, 2B, BB

Lexington Legends won 4-1

  • Luis Ordosgoitti-5 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 1 BB, 2 SO, 8/3 GO/AO GS: 56
  • Evan Grills-4 IP, 3 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 1 SO, 7/1 GO/AO
  • Dayan Diaz- 1 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 1 SO
  • Delino DeShields Jr. 2B-0-5, 3 SO
  • Zachary Johnson 1B-1-5, HR, 2 SO
  • Brandon Meredith DH-0-2, 2 BB
  • Chan Moon SS-2-3, HR, BB-MOOOOON Shot!

DSL Astros won 4-2

  • Juan Hernandez-4 IP, 3 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 3 BB, 2 SO, 6/2 GO/AO GS: 51
  • Rayderson Chevalier-3 IP, 2 H, 1 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 1 SO, 6/1 GO/AO
  • Victor Mesa-2 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 1 SO, 4/2 GO/AO
  • Christian Murillo CF-0-1, 3 BB, 1 SO, SB

Sunday Games: June 10

Oklahoma City RedHawks won 12-9

  • Brian Bass-4 1/3 IP, 9 H, 5 R, 5 ER, 2 BB, 1 SO, 3/5 GO/AO, 92 pitches GS: 24
  • Mickey Storey-1 2/3 IP, 1 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 0 BB, 3 SO, 1 HR
  • Fernando Abad-1 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 0 SO
  • Jimmy Paredes 2B-4-5, SB-Back to Back 4 hit games
  • Scott Moore 3B-2-5, HR
  • Mike Hessman 1B-3-4, 2 HR, BB, SO-That's seven bombs in last six games!
  • Brad Snyder RF-2-5, SO, SB
  • Angel Sanchez SS-3-4, BB
  • Landon Powell C-2-4, BB, 2 SO
  • Jake Goebbert LF-0-3, 2 BB

Corpus Christi Hooks won 11-6

  • Ross Seaton-5 IP, 6 H, 5 R, 5 ER, 1 BB, 5 SO, 1 HR, 4/1 GO/AO, 81 pitches GS: 39
  • Alex Sogard-2 IP, 3 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 3 SO, 2/0 GO/AO
  • Jonathan Villar SS-1-4, HR, BB, SO
  • Brandon Wikoff 3B-2-3, BB
  • Jose Martinez 2B-3-5
  • Drew Locke CF-2-5, 2B
  • Kody Hinze 1B-2-5
  • Adam Bailey RF-2-4, 2 2B, SO
  • Ross Seaton-1-2, 2B, SO

Lancaster JetHawks lost 8-7

  • David Martinez-6 IP, 10 H, 7 R, 7 ER, 0 BB, 3 SO, 1 HR, 10/2 Go/AO, 81 pitches GS: 27
  • Pat Urckfitz-2 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 1 SO, 4/0 GO/AO
  • Ben Orloff-3-4, BB
  • Domingo Santana RF-2-5, 3B, 2 SO
  • Rafael Valenzuela 1B-2-4, 2B, BB, SO
  • Telvin Nash LF-1-4, HR, 2 SO
  • Chris Epps CF-2-4, 2 3B, BB, 2 SO-Yes, you read it right, he hit two triples

Lexington Legends lost 13-4

  • Luis Cruz-4 IP, 7 H, 5 R, 3 ER, 1 BB, 0 SO, 1 HR, 13/0 GO/AO GS: 31
  • Nathan Pettus-1 IP, 5 H, 5 R, 0 BB, 1 SO
  • Blake Ford-1 IP, 3 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 2 BB, 0 SO, 3/0 GO/AO
  • Euris Quezada-2 IP, 3 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 0 SO, 4/0 GO/AO
  • Matt Duffy 3B-3-3, BB
  • Make Kvasnicka RF-2-4, 2 HR, SO-What?!?!?!
  • Brandon Meredith DH-0-4, 3 SO
  • Roberto Pena C-1-2, 2B

DSL Astros: Off

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