All those hoping for the miracle of us having a mediocre season can forget it. Wandy is pitching lights out and we still cant get a wins with him on the mound. However, all is not lost...

We have a couple bright spots this season beyond the two vets give us great trade value (Wandy & Myers). Altuve is proving he is a legit hitter, JD is still holding his own in LF, Lucas Harrell is showing some promise and even Schafer (who I didnt like at all) is showing signs of why he was part of the deal for Bourn.

In the minors SP's Cosart, Lyles, and Clemens are all showing they are ready for the rotation. Kevin Chapman (AA) and Nick Tropeano (A) will be ready for the back end of the bullpen soon. And of course, Singleton will be our 1B on opening day as well.

I am actually pretty confident in our pitching staff, both starting rotation and bullpen going into next year, but we have got to get some offense. This is why we must look to deal Wandy and Myers before their value slips.


WANDY TRADE: DET is obviously all in w/ their signing of Prince and with that deal they moved Cabrera over to 3B and with Victor Martinez back next year they have blocked 3B prospect Nick Castellanos from the majors. They are in need of some SP depth behind Verlander and they would be hard pressed to find much better than Wandy on the market. A deal packaged with Castellanos and another guy or two (possibly RP Bruce Rondon and a lower level SP) would be beneficial to both teams.

MYERS TRADE: I'd look at SF, TOR, BOS, and WAS as potential partners for Myers. I wouldnt expect much, but I think we can get 1 decent prospect from someone. Maybe Brandon Belt from SF, since they seem to have given up on him...

DRAFT: OF - Byron Buxton (High Risk/High Reward, HS so will take time to develop), C - Mike Zunino (I think is a great safe option, not sure if Castro will ever be better than mediocre), SP - Mark Appel (great stuff, has yet to put it together, could be ready after 1 year in minors. Give us GREAT SP Rotation for the future)

I personally like Mike Zunino if Castro doesnt prove more before the draft.

2013 Rotation

SP1 Cosart

SP2 Lyles

SP3 Norris

SP4/SP5 Harrell, Clemens, Happ, Weiland

BULLPEN: Oberholtzer, Chapman, Lopez, Carpenter, Rodriguez, Cruz

2013 Line-Up

C Castro/Zunino

1B Singleton

2B Altuve

SS Lowrie/Villar (needs much improvement before then)

3B Castellanos (Wandy Trade)

LF Martinez

CF Schafer

RF Maxwell/Wates/Springer/Nash


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