Astros coaching situation will need attention

As I'm sure we all know; the Astros coaching situation isn't exactly settled for 2012...or is it? If Jim Crane isn't approved and Drayton can't find a pawn shop willing to pony up nearly 700 mil; maybe the current coaching staff will return. In my humble opinion; this will stagnate the development of the young players we will see on the field in 2012. Here are just a few things I have observed.


Mills has not shown the ability to handle a pitching staff and I doubt Brocail is going to have any desire to return. I grow weary of Mills refusal to let a young starter pitch out of trouble in the late innings. If he thinks that wins and loses still matter at this point he's lost his perspective totally. This is about seeing what these kids can do in game situations. He's not allowing these situations to develop. He has far to quick of a "hook" and over uses his bullpen.


Teaching was supposed to be Brad Mills forte'. At least that's what Terry Francona said (although there was a slight chuckle that followed the statement????). I see no improvement in the patience of our young hitters, in their strike zone judgement no do I see development in their situational hitting. I understand that a lot of this is on the player to put in the work but you must have a manager who motivates the players to improve. 


Defense is a skill that can be taught (see Matt Galante trains Craig Biggio to become second baseman). So; with that said, when do we get to see improvement???


How many more "missed signs" do we have to endure at third base? Most recent "case in point". Paredes missed the sign coming around second (yesterday's game against the Pirates). First of all with a wet field, wet baseball and the fielder moving away from the plate, I don't understand why he was holding the runner up at third. But, he did and Parades missed the signed and was hung out to dry. If that was an isolated big deal. But it happens far too often. Clark says Altuve ran through a stop sign on his inside the park home run. Ok, why were you holding him up?? Where is the aggression that you should be showing with a young fast team?? My point.......Dave Clark is indecisive and not cognizant of the situation.

That's just what I you agree? Or am I being overly critical? THAT will take a lot to convince me of.

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