Tuesday Liftoff Links

ST ANDREWS, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 27: Martin Kaymer of Germany in action during the first practice round of The Alfred Dunhill Links Championship at The Old Course on September 27, 2011 in St Andrews, Scotland. (Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images).

While the Astros were attempting to spoil the Cardinals playoff bid I was putting together these links for your viewing pleasure.


"Moneyball" Reviews

Moneyball And Me - Baseball Nation
Rob Neyer's seen the Moneyball movie, but he won't be able to review it until he's gotten all his personal relationships out of the way. Oh, but you have to see the movie. Fortunately, it's pretty good.

Reviewing 'Moneyball' As A Movie - Baseball Nation
For all its noted inventions and distortions, "Moneyball" is a fantastic movie that works on various levels.

Joe Blogs: Moneyball The Movie
The ever insightful Joe Posnanski does a review of the Moneyball movie. I'm a bit annoyed by some of these baseball insiders who are doing reviews of the movie and feel like their buddies are getting jobbed in the movie. It's a movie if your buddies weren't getting jobbed it would make for a horrible movie. This review doesn't have out right spoilers but it does discuss several scenes in the movie.

Moneyball? Sit down, children, and listen to what really wins baseball games. | SportsJustice | a Chron.com blog
I knew reading Richard Justices article was going to annoy me. Yes Miguel Tejada, Eric Chavez and the big three in the pitching rotation were a big part of the success of the 2002 A's. But griping about them not getting a mention in the movie is missing the point and a silly argument. First mentioning them extends an already long movie and does absolutely nothing to further the story. Also focusing on those players instead of the undervalued players which is partly what the movie is about makes for a less interesting movie and thus less entertaining.


Power and Prospect Rankings

Beyond the Box Score Power Rankings: Week 26 - Beyond the Box Score
Carlos Lee get's a mention as the Astros check in at number 28.

FanGraphs Power Rankings – 9/26/11 | FanGraphs Baseball
Astros check in at number 29, so close to passing Pittsburgh for the 28th spot.

Top 50 Hitting Prospects from 2007: In Review - Minor League Ball
John Sickels reviews top hitters list from 2007. A former Astros makes the list.

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