Astros Lose In Extras 4-3

I actually was attending a funeral today during the Astros and Cubs game so we're going to do the recap a little different. I will be using comments from the game thread and tweets from twitter to give a recap, I'll also have my thoughts on the final play of the game after the jump:

Zachary Levine via Twitter:

Martin Sheen threw out the first pitch before Cubs-Astros today at Wrigley.

mike_o via the Game Thread:

Wow, I'm not even getting the game on WGN.

They’re showing Walker, Texas Ranger. And freaking FSSW has something about U of H.

Greg Lucas via Twitter:

Carlos Lee's 22nd career HR at Wrigley Field (and 17th this year) give Astros 1-0 lead in top 2nd.

mike_o via the Game Thread:

Soto HR.


AstroB via the Game Thread:

you can gauge the excitement of the game

when Brownie and JD are discussing the possibility that the flags in the CF poles are on the wrong poles.

AstroB via the Game Thread:

Ouch. Misplayed by Boggy single

and Ramirez ends up at third base.

Greg Lucas via the Twitter:

One out triple by Ramirez followed by RBI 1b by Baker and Cubs take their first lead 2-1 in bot 6

Cubs add another on RBI 1b by Soriano... now 3-1 with Wandy relieved by Wilton Lopez. Two out Two on bot 6

Alyson Footer via Twitter:

Martin Sheen will be singing "Take Me Out" during the 7th inning stretch today. Sweet!

Greg Lucas via Twitter:

After Seven: No change... Cubs 3, Astros 1

Zachary Levine via Twitter:

Jose Altuve just had his 200th career plate appearance last inning. He has 4 walks.

Greg Lucas via Twitter:

Astros get single by Corporan, but nothing more in top 8. Wallace rolls out 4-3 to extend hitless run to 0-26. Still 3-1 Cubs bot 8

mike_o via Game Thread:

Didn't even notice Harrell pitched an inning.

1-2-3 eighth, w/no strikeouts.

Joe in Birmingham via Game Thread:

Ninth inning starts with a Schafer single

AstroBrit via Twitter:

Faints dead away. Boy does Carlos love Wrigley. RT : Carlos Lee RIPS A TWO RUN HR... GAME TIED... 3-3!!!!

Zachary Levine via Twitter:

This was the first multi-homer game by an Astro this year, question mark, exclamation point

Nice easy low-leverage spot here for Xavier Cedeno's Astros and MLB debuts.

Brad Mills getting booed considerably here in Chicago for his third pitching change of the inning.

Alyson Footer via Twitter:

Not sure how long the game will last but here's what Corporan is wearing home

Joe in Birmingham via Game Thread:

I think he was second batter

but quick two outs (Barmes and Corporan)

Matt Downs batting in the ninth slot

and he struck out to end the Astros tenth

And Greg Lucas to close us out via Twitter:

In Bot 12... Castro led off w/walk. Barney walk to Ramirez and Carpenter now faces Reed Johnson.

Wild pitch moves runners to 2nd and 3rd w/one out. Would Cubs try a squeeze???

Mills runs out (to boos) to confer. Astros might load 'em. That would make squeeze less likely..but no walk coming.

Carpenter throws pitch out in case of squeeze, but count goes to 3-0 so Johnsn walked. Bags jammed one out...winner at third. Byrd up


Cubs win on slow roller to third. Ruled fair, but may not have really been. Replays show Johnson touched it after ball was FOUL?? CLOSE!!

The first highlight I saw of the game was the final play in which Chris Johnson charged down the line on a ball bouncing near the foul line. Yes it looks like the umpires got the call wrong, but there was one out in the inning and no way of turning two, if Johnson was planning on going home it was going to be a tough play there as well. The ball should of been left alone, but I don't blame Johnson I blame Brad Mills for having him in that situation.  

This kids is what we call over managing.

First he took out Jose Altuve by pinch hitting J.B. Shuck who after grounding out was then replaced defensively by Angel Sanchez. He then used four relievers in the bottom of the ninth going lefty, righty, lefty, righty while also taking out Jimmy Paredes in the ninth inning and replacing him with Matt Downs. In the top of the twelfth inning Jason Bourgeois would pinch run for Carlos Lee who had reached via a singled. in came the pinch hitting Johnson who would pop out for Fernando Rodriguez, the last reliever to enter the ninth inning. 

With Lee and Brett Wallace (pinch hit eight inning) out of the game already that meant moving Downs from third base to first base. But wait you say, Bourgeois was in the game why not move Brian Bogusevic from right field to first base and keep Matt Downs at third. I don't know #MillsLogic 

David Carpenter would load the bases setting up Johnson's blunder. substituting Paredes, Altuve and Lee for Johnson, Sanchez and Downs is just asking for trouble. With the exception of Downs your weakening your offense and defense.

You're not going to win games that way but you are certainly going to lose a 100 that way. 

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