A Change in Identity

As the Astros are changing their identity on the field with youth and bringing in a new era of baseball in Houston along with a new owner, why not go all out.

In one of the links that were provided for our reading enjoyment this morning a MLB writer discussed uniforms and how those uniforms give a team their identity.  The Astros, for example have been a constant change in uniform wear over the years.  When this baseball club was formed they were not the beloved Astros that we all know but  were to represent the old west gunslingers that conquered the wild in the western movement of the country - manifest destiny - the Colt .45s. 

With the space race centered right here in the Houston area the team decided that you can't live in the past and opted to move to the future by recognizing the future of industry in the Bay Area - Astro (latin for space).  This would honor the men and later on women who risk their lives for the pursuit of knowledge in space - the Astronaut.

A new era seems to be upon the Astros now, a new core of players are on the playing field: Jose Altuve, JD Martiez, Jimmy Paredes, JB Shuck, Jordan Lyles and far more in the minor leagues seasoning themselves to make a run at the big leagues soon enough.  Is this a championship caliber team at present?  No. 

Is this an exciting team at present?  Yes.

Not long ago I was looking for the history behind the Astros uniforms and found a forum which a blogger (Bohob's MLB Redesign Project - took the time and redesigned all the MLB uniforms.  I , myself liked the idea, but did make a few changes to git it more of a NASA coloring.  Of course I can't seem to copy and paste a picture from my computer, so lets see about putting it in words:

Hats: instead of the orange hat for home and away the colors should represent what it was meant to represent - the space program: red cap with a blue bill with of course the yellow "star" open at the bottom.   The alternate and BP cap stay the same, but the "Astros" in the logo changes from orange to red.

Uniforms: the orange and yellow piping are key, but the wording turns to red and the alternate home shirt is red.  The "butter" color uniforms are gone - go with the grey.  The Sunday and the BP uniforms are great.

This seems to bring back a little of the past with the orange and yellow and also allows for the uniforms to actually represent  the "Space City".

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