In Honor of Jeff Bagwell Day

I want to see who you Astros fans pick as your all favorite player team.  So this team does not have to be Astros players even though my personal team is loaded with don't feel bad if your team turns out all Astros.  I want you to select one player for every position and where you would have him bat in the lineup.  Now I also want you to select players based not on your brains but on your hearts.  So the players on your team won't necessarily be great or good players, even though I imagine most of them will be.  And as another rule I would like you to limit your choices to players that you remember watching either in person or on TV, so older fans will have a greater database to draw upon.


Here is my favorites team.  I can only remember watching baseball since the mid '80s.

1) Kenny Lofton CF: He just barely beat out Griffey for me.  I always loved watching him play and was amazed at some of the seasons and games that he had...and that was before I knew that he was originally an Astro.  Imagine my grief.

2) Craig Biggio 2B: He is an obvious choice.  The only way he wasn't going to play second for me would be if he was catching and Bill Doran was my favorite second baseman.

3) Jeff Bagwell 1B: Again this one is super easy especially since it is August 30th today.  I remember really loving Glen Davis, and Berkman could have made a run at it, but I will cram Puma some place else.

4) Lance Berkamn LF: Like right here in left field.  There haven't been many left fielders that I have seen play over the years that I really had fond feelings for.  Maybe Louis Gonzales, and I do really like Carl Crawford.

5) Ken Caminiti 3B: Originally I thought that this would be a no brainer since he is the player that I loved most as a child and the one that really got me into watching every game I could.  But then somewhere down deep in my heart Billy Spiers came out of no where and and almost beat out Cammy.  But in the end I had to go with the rocket arm that dove all over the place.  And personally I liked the leaner nimbler Cammy better than the roided slugger.

6) Barry Larkin SS: The Astros have been short on short stops over the years and even though I respect Adam Everett I spent too many years wishing that Larkin played for my Astros.  I always though of him as a SS version of Biggio.  I barely remember Ozzie or else he may have ended up here.

7) Ichiro RF: I still find there to be something captivating about Ichiro.  Speed and defense and Japanese, he's a good player that can stand out alongside great players simply because he seems so different and unique.  He could also hit higher in the order.  Pence, Alou, and Jose Cruz are all special to me as well.

8) Alan Ashby C: He sneaks by Ausmus with the help of nostalgia, however I was very excited when the Astros first got Ausmus.  That's just how good his defense was whenever I saw him play with the Padres.  And I actually held a grudge against Biggio for awhile for squeezing out Ashby.

9) Jose Lima SP: There are lots to choose from here.  Ryan, Hampton, Oswalt...I tend to only like Astro pitchers and I find pitchers harder to bond too, but Lima was always a must see interview.  Listening to him on the radio either on local shows or on Rome was fantastic.  He had his own album, and went out of his way to be extra fan friendly.  I was angry when Randy Johnson got to start a second time in the playoffs and I didn't get to see Lima Time on that stage.  And the fact the he really pissed off the other team puts him on my team.

So that's my squad.  I hope some of you paid closer attention than I did to other teams in the past.  It's a pretty useless exercise I guess, but things are slow at this point during a horrible season.

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