Top 10 Highest Ceilings

This list is a little different than most, as it will evaluate a prospect's ceiling, regardless of his production.

Let me know what you think:

1. Domingo Santana - Definitely our most intriguing prospect. He's had a good year at low-A ball, hitting around .276 with 11 HRs. If he can fix his K/BB ratio, he's got a chance to fully pan out, and if he does, he'll be a superstar. Might have the most raw power in all of the minors outside of Bryce Harper, IMO. Still, he's a risky prospect. ETA: 2014

2.Ariel Ovando - Ovando has had a decent season at Greeneville. Like Santana, he's got incredible raw power. Even though he's hitting .245 or so with 2 HRs, he's just 17. No cause for concern, at all. If he pans out, he'll also be a superstar. Another low floor guy, though. ETA: 2015

3. Jonathan Singleton - Has very good power potential. I don't think it's at Ryan Howard's potential, like some people are suggesting, but I think 35 HRs per season is more realistic. He's had a great year at high-A ball, at just 19. His K/BB ratio has dropped since joining Lancaster, but he's hitting HRs, and he's hitting for a high average. If he has another year like this at Corpus Christi, calling him a can't-miss prospect wouldn't be too far-fetched. ETA: 2013

4. George Springer - I put him over Cosart because he's such a phenomenal athlete with really good power potential. He had a very good K/BB ratio at UCONN this year, and he also hit for good power and average. He is your typical 5-tool player. Love his upside. ETA: 2013

5. Jarred Cosart - Cosart has pitched very well for Corpus Christi ever since he was promoted upon being traded to us. He did have one disastrous start, but his other 3 have been damn near perfect. Strikeout numbers aren't there yet, but he's forcing a lot of ground balls. Could be our future ace if all goes well for him. ETA: Mid-2012

6. Delino DeShields Jr. - DeShields has had an up and down year at Lexington, but he's only 18. If he pans out, he'll be a dynamic leadoff hitter, with 50+ SB potential, and he has enough raw power to crack 15 HRs. ETA: 2014

7. Jonathan Villar - Villar has had a pretty poor season at double-A, but he's only 20, so I'll give him a break, considering how raw he is. He's got incredible defensive talent, with a plus arm and plus range. His athleticism allows him to make incredible plays, but his fundamentals need work. Can definitely see him being a gold glove SS if he really improves his fundamentals. Outside of his defense, he's got good power potential. His K/BB rate was alarmingly high early on, but he's bounced back the second half of the season, walking a lot more and not striking out quite as much. At this point, he's our SS of the future. ETA: 2013

8. Mike Foltynewicz - Folty has had a rough year at Lexington, but it shouldn't be too concerning, especially when you look at a guy like Tanner Bushue, who is still getting lit up at Lexington, in his second (*facepalm*) year there. He's got a plus fastball and some good secondary stuff, but he still has ways to go. ETA: 2014

9. Adrian Houser - I really like this guy. Like every other pitcher on this list, he's got a plus fastball, but his secondary stuff isn't developed yet, which is no surprise for a guy his age. Just threw 5 scoreless innings for Greeneville, while striking out 4 and walking 2. ETA: Mid-2014

10. Telvin Nash - He has a lot of raw power, like the first few guys do. He does walk at a fairly high rate, but his strikeout rate is disturbingly high. He's still consistently hitting around .270, and he continues to hit HRs at a high rate, but if he doesn't work on his strikeouts, I don't see him in our future plans. ETA: Mid-2013

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