My Assessment of the Current Astros and where I would look for improvement

First off long post so don't spam me please as new to board.

Current Team - I am scared to think who next years all-star will be as we currently do not have someone who makes me say WOW.  But we do have players who hopefully can be building blocks for chemistry purposes

Pitchers - Lyles, Norris and Melancon - outside of these guys I do not think anyone on this team is really someone you can look at to rally this team into good standing.  Sorry guys I like Wandy but he is a #3 starter at best and a #4 or #5 on a championship team.  So IMO Wandy and Myers are just guys we use to eat innings until prospects in the minors develope.

Infield - Not a single player here is really a set in stone MLB player.  Wallace can turn it around and I am not including Altuve in this section as it is too early to project him as everyday player just yet

Outfield - Lee is only valuable to us if some team actually was stupid enough to trade for him or if we could use him as a DH.  Borgeious brings energy but has had trouble staying healthy.  I really think Bourgeious looks like Brian Hunter as he has good speed and can bring some energy with his speed but truthfully the defense is not that great considering how fast he is.

Farm system - This is where the Astros have to improve if they have any chance of regaining their consistent play year in and out like the team of the 90s.  We have got to get 4-5 hitters on our team and at least 6 pitchers (including bullpen) on our MLB team from the farm system to produce at an above average play for us to compete again.  Then we feel out the needs in FA hopefully.  So here is a list of current prospects I have in a top 10 after looking over players and researching.  Altuve and Martinex will be on this list as they just got called up and not known how MLB will treat them also Springer would be on this list if and when he signs

1.  Cosart - My projection is that he should become a #2-4 starter based off his stuff.  He does have stuff to become an ace but that is if the stars allign perfectly and he stays healthy but I see him more of middle rotation and possible frontline pitcher for us

2.  Johnathan Singleton - The kid is still very young but he has the body and the swing to develop into a strong 30 HR guy.  I project him to be a possible All-star 1B for us down the road if he progresses well but he could just turn into a journeyman 1B if he can not grasps his talents.  IMO Biggest Boom or Bust risk

3.  Johnathan Villar - This one and Altuve who I have at #4 are interchangeable IMO.  Villar has the defensive skills to be as good as Adam Everett but he also has faults in his hitting.  The good thing is that he just turned 20 and has some time to develop his hitting.  But you just can't teach his skills on the defensive side so if he doesn't develop great hitting he will have to be on a team with good offense.  I see him up by the start of 2013 or Sept 2013 season.

4.  Jose Altuve - Maybe its because of his height but he reminds me a lot of David Eckstein with more pop in his bat.  This guy really has the potential to be what Biggio was for us at 2B for all those years.  I project him to cement his place on the MLB and stay for good after his recent call up.  I mean who else do you want playing 2B

5.  J.D. Martinez - Probably higher than most would put him but I just can't overlook how well he has hit every minor league team he has played for.  The problem I have with Martinez is where will he play.  I would say LF is where you want him as he doesn't have the defensive skills for RF but Lee is stuck there especially if you have Wallace at 1B keeping Lee at LF.  But the dude can hit.  I see him as a 4th OF truthfully but if he hits in MLB then he becomes a main LF

6.  Delino Deshields - He has the athleticism to be a good leadoff man for the Astros by 2014.  But it is going to be interesting to see where exactly he will play if other prospects like Altuve or Martinez pan out and succeed at the MLB level.  IMO Deshields is meant for 2B or LF if he played OF.  I see him as having a lot of skillset as Altuve has but not yet develop the hitting.  

7.  Mike Foltynewicz - I project him to be a lot like Bud Norris in that he has real good stuff that if he harnesses it he would be a #2 or #3 starter but I will project him to be a #3-5 starter for the Astros by 2013 or 2014.  How soon he joins the MLB will be based on his progression but I think 2014 is most likely with a 2013 call up.

8.  Paul Clemens - This is another one of the new guys we just got in trade so I am anxious to see how he does in our system.  But from what I can gather it appears that his ceiling is a #3 starter but probably a #4 or #5 starter.  It will all depend on how well he can control his pitches as he does have good stuff which means he can gain in value with better control.  But if he doesn't then being a bullpen pitcher might be where he is destined.  2013 will be his season to join the club IMO unless he beats out others for a 2012 spot.

9. Austin Wates - Another OF prospect who has hit for good average but not that much pop in his bat.  Based off what he has showed it looks like he might be a good choice to be a 4th OF for the Astros.  Of course that can change based off how and what more he continues to develop.  But I see him as a 4th OF in 2013 and possibly a starter if he gets more pop and keeps the AVG going

10. Tanner Bashue - He is still very raw but he has the pitches to be a #2 starter and even a #1 if he gets control of all his pitches and stays injury free so that he can develop best.  I look for him to compete in 2013 but truthfully 2014 or even 2015 being his year to make big strides

LASTLY - If I was GM here is what I do.  I don't wast money on FA unless they are only stop gaps until a prospect is ready so I only spend FA money on a 3B unless Parades can stay on the team but sorry I am not a big fan of Parades.  Also only spend money on Starting pitching if you want a 5th starter to hold for a year until a prospect can step up.  But really I see most FA money needing to be spent on the bullpen in terms of pitching.  So without wasting my money on FA I use the money elsewhere to sign POWER POWER and MORE POWER into our farm system.  We do not have players with pop in their bat and unless you include Cosart we really do not have many power arms in the farm system.  So with what we have now I say we need to spend 1-2 years focusing on adding Power Piching and Power hitting into our system


Sorry I am bored and stuck without anything to watch on TV but I figured I would give an assessment after trades of what my opinion is of current and future of Astros

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