Bigger Rosters & The Deadline From the 'Stros and the 'Bros

I'm a Braves fan, as many of you may know from my comments on trading Hunter Pence in multiple threads on TCB. I wanted to make a post for a subject that I've been wondering about a lot, and as it may relate to the Braves and the Astros.

First of all, what would you do if 25-man rosters expanded to 27-man rosters? What kind of players would you call up? From the Braves' standpoint, they would likely call up a right-handed bench player, and another arm for the bullpen. The Braves' needs do include a right-handed relief arm and a right-handed hitting outfielder. What would the Astros do? Would you call up one bench player and one bullpen pitcher?

I also wanted to talk about the trade deadline between just the Braves and Astros. What kind of move(s) could we make together? What deals could we make? The number one case for the Braves is Hunter Pence, although he isn't the first thing that came to our minds. Some trade pieces the Braves have thought about in using in a trade for not just Pence, but maybe Beltran or Upton instead are (1) Mike Minor, the most talked-about and scouted pitcher, (2) Christian Bethancourt, a catcher in the A-level, (3) Andrelton Simmons, a shortstop in the A-level, and (4) Tyler Pastornicky, who've a lot of you have wanted, who is the Braves' top shortstop prospect, who was just promoted to AAA and is hitting over .400. For any of you who need some background info on the Braves' prospects, here are some links to Talking Chop, the Braves SB Nation blog:

Atlanta Braves Mid-Season Top-25 Prospects: 1-10, Latin Takeover!

Atlanta Braves Mid-Season Top-25 Prospects: 11-25

And here are the rosters for the Braves' minor league affiliates from which you can access statistics:

AAA - Gwinnett Braves

AA - Mississippi Braves

A+ - Lynchburg Hillcats

A - Rome Braves

R - Danville Braves

R - GCL Braves

R - DSL Braves

Lastly, I invite you to follow Talking Chop if you wish to comment or post from an Astros fan's persepctive. Some of the categories that the wonderful authors there do include Prospect Reviews, Minor League Hotsheets, Minor League News, Minor League Recaps, Series Previews and Recaps, and there are multiple FanPosts from which you can discuss trading from an Astros standpoint (just mention my name). The key to finding the good ones are FanPosts with the word "rosterbating" in the title.


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