Let's Make a Deal!

Disclaimer: The following trades proposed are the opinion of IronM21 and IronM21 only, please feel free to chastise me all you'd like if you believe the trade proposals posted are unrealistic.

Trade #1:

LHP Wandy Rodriguez to the Arizona Diamondbacks for

LHP - Pat Corbin (AA) (22 y/o) - Acquired from the Angels in the Dan Haren trade, has a FB that ranges between 89-92, while showing flashes up to 94mph. Corbin has a great change-up and shows good command. Projects to be a #2 starter.


RHP - Charlie Brewer (AA) (23 y/o) - Was the Diamondbacks 2010 organizational pitcher of the year, shows great command of his fastball (91-93 mph) as well as a hammer curve/slider. (Currently on the DL with a broken wrist). Projects to be a #2/3 starter.

RHP - David Holmberg (A+) (20 y/o) - Acquired from the White Sox, former 2nd round pick from the 2009 draft. Questions about his attitude, but has plus stuff and projects to be a #3/4 starter.

3B - Ryan Wheeler (AA) (23) - Questions about his stick from last year, has shown better patience at the plate and is one of the few Diamondback prospects that has the glove and footwork to stay at third base (Davidson and Borchering both project to move to 1B).


LHP - Tyler Skaggs (AA) (20 y/o) - Acquired in the Dan Haren trade, easily the centerpiece of the trade and arguably the number one pitching prospect in the Diamondbacks system (as Jarrod Parker comes back from injury). Projects to be a #1 starter. ***Highly unlikely Arizona will trade him ***

Commentary: While I'd love to see the Astros get Skaggs, Wheeler and Holmberg for Wandy, I believe the package of Corbin or Brewer, Holmberg and Wheeler would be more realistic. The Astros would get a young starter in AA that could easily make the majors by September 2012 or 2013 in Corbin or Brewer, a young pitcher with potential in Holmberg and a 3B prospect already in AA that can compete for the job in spring training.


Trade #2:

CF Michael Bourn to the Washington Nationals for



RHP A.J. Cole (A) (19 y/o) - Cole is one of the most promising pitchers in the Nationals' farm system, he has command of four pitches and projects to be a #1/2 starter.

LHP Tom Milone (AAA) (24 y/o) - Milone doesn't possess a great fastball, but has plus-plus command and a decent change-up and secondary pitches, could enter the big league rotation immediately.

RHP Josh Wilkie (AAA) (26 y/o) - Relief pitcher who is a groundball pitcher and could join the bullpen immediately.


LHP Sammy Solis (A+) (22 y/o) - Solis was drafted in '09 out of San Diego State, he has a great fastball and great change-up and a curveball that keeps hitters guessing. Projected #2/3 starter.

C Wilson Ramos (MLB) (23 y/o) - Acquired from the Minnesota Twins last year at the deadline. Ramos was the top catching prospect for the Twins but was blocked on the MLB level by Joe Mauer. The Nationals consider Derek Norris their cathcer of the future and Ramos could be expendable. I like the idea of having Ramos compete with Castro for the starting job, just in case Castro doesn't come back healthy.


I doubt the Nationals would want to give up A.J. Cole, but I see a combination of both trades working for a return on Bourn. I could realistically see Solis, Milone and Wilkie coming back to the Astros, could be getting too little in return.

Trade #3:

RHP Brett Myers to the New York Yankees for

RHP Adam Warren (AAA) (23y/o) - Throws a decent fastball, change-up and slider/curve and projects to be a #4/5 starter.

RHP Graham Stoneburner (A+) (23 y/o) - Good fastball, good secondary stuff, obviously taking longer to develop into a pitcher being 23 still A+ ball, but could be a back of the rotation guy or bullpen pitcher.

Commentary: Unless the Yankees are willing to overpay for Jimenez, pay up for Wandy (which I don't believe they will) the Yankees will acquire some starting pitching at the deadline. In Warren and Stoneburner the Astros get two pitchers who could have good stuff and could bridge the gap and let the Astros get out from underneath Myers' salary.

I don't believe that the Astros will trade Hunter Pence at all as he is considered the face of the franchise, IMO this is why the asking price for him is so astronomical (according to published reports) as well it should be. Hunter is 28 y/o and still under club control for one or two more years. The guy hustles and plays with enthusiasm that is one of the small positive things about this debacle of a season. Ultimately the Astros need to get the youth movement going and trading Kepp was a good start. If the proposed trades were to go through, the players in return would be:

from the Diamondbacks:

LHP Pat Corbin (22) (AA)

3B Ryan Wheeler (23) (AA)

RHP David Holmberg (20) (A+)

from the Nationals:

LHP Sammy Solis (22) (A+)

LHP Tom Milone (24) (AAA)

RHP Josh Wilkie (26) (AAA)

from the Yankees

RHP Adam Warren (23) (AAA)

RHP Graham Stoneburner (23) (A+)

Thats a lot of pitching that the Astros sorely need in the minors and net two high upside guys in Solis and Corbin. Milone, Wilkie and Warren could help the big league club now, Wheeler could compete for the starting 3B next season and Stoneburner and Holmberg give you two guys that could eventually contribute.

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