MLB Draft 2011 Astros Draftee Profile: Javaris Reynolds, CF, King HS (FL), Seventh Round


Remember, I'm talking now off of no compilation of scouting reports and just his numbers from high school and some of those videos (which aren't the best angle) that I've linked below.

With that said...Reynolds is an intriguing guy. When they made this pick, I assumed he was another in the Jay Austin mold, a super athletic guy who may not show power, but would be able to do some special things in the field and on the bases.

What I saw in those videos was a little more than that. Reynolds has some uppercut in his swing, which should lend itself to more power. He's not a big guy, but he could add some muscle too. The only real concern I have is that stance.

His base is so wide, I wonder if he's sapping himself of some power potential to make better contact. Cutting down on that front foot's depth and getting his hips more involved in his swing may give him the ability to hit the ball with more authority overall. From a left-handed bat with above average speed, that's pretty valuable.

Of course, I'm not actually a swing expert, so those of you that are can discuss this more. Overall, though, I think Reynolds has some good upside. He just needs a little more polish. Ugh. That's about the 1,000th time I've said that in the past three drafts. I tire of it.


The concern with any player labeled something like "athletic but raw" is that one or more of the tools that have the potential to develop never do. If Reynolds can't develop in one or more areas, he's destined to be a Double-A player and nothing more. That's the risk teams take with high school players like this. The ceiling for a Javaris Reynolds is higher than some of the college players available in the seventh round, but the floor is also much lower.


Here's why the Astros took him. With a little work, Reynolds could be a Hunter Pence-type player, flashing good power and decent speed while playing in the outfield. I don't know that he'll have the arm to play in right, but he could definitely be a center fielder. The power may not come and he doesn't seem to have one elite tool...yet. So, let's peg his ceiling somewhere in between Jay Austin and Hunter Pence.

College commitment

State College of Florida

Will the Astros sign him?

Yes. Reynolds skipped his high school graduation to work out for the Astros at Minute Maid Park and said in the same article, "I'm ready to play pro ball." He'll get signed and probably go to the Gulf Coast League first.

Bibliography (Scouting Reports and video)

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Baseball America

Reynolds is a 6-foot-2, 210-pound lefthanded hitter with athleticism and above-average speed. He's physical and generates good bat speed. His raw approach at the plate and inconsistent swing may lead him to spend two years in rookie ball, but his upside is intriguing. He's committed to the State JC of Florida, formerly known as Manatee JC.

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