The truth, or nothing like the truth?

There are a few things you can count on with baseball. The grass will be green, they will play almost everyday, and they are not going to tell you anything. Over and over the same words come from the same mouths. And then the same words will come from some other mouth. You all know the boiler plate statements about the day to day games. To me, that is understandable. If you are a good player the same question may come up a few thousand times a year. The irritating rhetoric for me comes from the management and front office types.

What is your opinion about the honesty between the team and fans of the team?

There are a ton of examples from the manager, to scouts, to directors, to gm, up to the owner.

If you have followed one baseball season by watching games and reading articles you can pretty much assume you have heard everything that any one of the forementioned people will say. It will play out again and again on a cycle. 

It's a long season, we are gonna take it game by game.

The ball sounds different off his bat.

We want to develop a culture of winning in the lower levels(Astro specific)

Champion. Champion. Champion.

And this is what inspired my writing this: "We are going to take the best player available".

Here are a few statements from Bobby Heck, that personally, I think are BULL. Got it at

"Heck informed Wednesday night that a change in ownership isn't going to influence the organization's approach to the Draft."

Furthermore, he told that all those involved -- Wade, himself and everyone associated with the scouting department -- will rank the prospective Draft picks from No. 1-100 and simply cross the names off their board as they get selected.

"Whoever is the top name on the Astros' Draft board at No. 11 will be selected, regardless of position or rumored signing bonus demands."

I don't buy this at all. If the guys drafting don't inquire about Crane's opinion they are dumb or don't care for their job. And then going on about a top 100, mentioning signability not factoring, yeah, that is bull to me. I wonder quite often why baseball is the way it is.

Does this stuff bother anyone else out there or is it just me? Now it's time to enjoy some pitching.

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