Top Prospects Entering 2012 v2

Well, I think it's safe to say that my last list was inaccurate for the most part. I'm not going to do this every week or even month, but I feel the need to redeem myself.

The list will be based on the player's production and ceiling. Guys like Ariel Ovando and George Springer might make the list because of their high ceilings, regardless if they haven't played. I value ceiling slightly over production, but that's just me, so hopefully I don't show too much of my bias.

10. Jonathan Villar - I've recently bough MiLB TV in order to watch guys like Altuve, Villar, and DeShields. I've been supremely disappointed in Villar. Strikes out wayyy too much. He needs to improve his hitting, or Jio Mier may once again be our top SS prospect. It's a miracle that Villar even made it on this list again honestly.

9. Jimmy Paredes - I have actually liked what I have seen from Paredes so far. He does strike out, but he also makes good contact, unlike Villar. He has pretty good power, and above average speed. If CJ fails at third, which is looking pretty likely, I've got no problem with Paredes being our future at third. He's just got to work on little things that are coachable, such as pitch recognition.

8. J.D. Martinez - J.D. looks good. He's got good range in the outfield, and can hit for average and some power. He doesn't strike out often, but I'd like to see him get more XBH's. He's hitting around .310 right now, and I expect him to make a push for the opening day roster next year.

7. Adrian Houser - He has yet to pitch, but I really like his stuff. I expect him to pitch well in the GCL. Hopefully he'll be in Tri-City or Greeneville by the end of the year, and then likely he'll be in Lexington by next year.

6. Mike Foltynewicz - An ERA of 4.63 is unacceptable. On top of that, he's not getting many strikeouts. He needs to pick it up.

5. Dallas Keuchel - Dallas has had a phenomenal season. His impressive ERA of 2.99 is third in the Texas League. I can see him getting up to the majors as early as mid to late next season.

4. Delino DeShields Jr. - Delino is struggling this year with his BA, but he is making decent contact, and he has a decent BB/K ratio of 26/62. I think his strikeouts will go down once he gets to AA, mainly because they throw more strikes in AA than they do in A. However, his steal % is alarming: 12 for 20. He needs to work on that. He does have 6 HRs so far this season, which is pretty good. He needs to finish this season on a high note, or he may just go to Lancaster instead of Corpus Christi next season.

3. Jose Altuve - I'm extremely impressed with Altuve. His pitch recognition is solid, he has good speed on the bases, and above all else, he just hits. He hits to the opposite field well, and he's got a great approach at the plate. Add me to his bandwagon.

2. George Springer - He has yet to play, but his ceiling is very high. He said he will absolutely sign a contract, so that shouldn't be a problem. He's expected to go to Tri-City after his break from the CWS.

1. Ariel Ovando - I'm sorry, but I love this guy. His tools are incredible. Starting off at Greeneville as opposed to the GCL is a very good thing, considering he's only 17. It's tough to judge how many HRs he'll hit, but his bat speed is insane. Besides being a stud at the plate, he runs well, and has a good arm. The sky is the limit for this kid.

Hopefully I did a much better job this time, having done a ton more research as opposed to last time.

It may be unfair to put Altuve behind Springer and Ovando, but like I said, I like high ceiling guys like Springer and Ovando over high production guys like Altuve, even if they haven't played. I expect Ovando to absolutely kill the ball at Greeneville.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Jio Mier, Tanner Bushue, Kody Hinze, Austin Wates, Telvin Nash

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