Observations of today's Hooks game

Now that Im home let me elaborate some. His RH stroke seems like it will produce more

power as its his side. There is what I would call some violence in the swing from this side. His LH swing is much more fluid. Hard to tell if it will produce power similar to his RH swing since the only contact he made from LH side were both ground balls not hit very hard.
He does have pretty good speed. He also looks like he could stand to put on a bit more muscle to his 6’+ frame. He didnt have the opportunity for me to really be in a position to gauge his range at second today.
Given this was just one game but Paredes looks raw just like we all read and talked about after he was last season. At 21-22 he still young and will likely improve over the course of this season and into next. I would expect him to star next season here in CC again with a possible AAA promotion if he can improve on is hitting. Although i dont work in Houston’s FO so who knows how things will work out.

Seaton: Tall and thin framed with smooth but long over the top delivery. Had shaky

start to game but settled down in the second and just took control of game. Not a high strike out game but induced many a ground balls and a few flyballs. Hits he gave up today look to have been left up in the zone a bit. Wasn’t overpowering hitters with his fast ball but (was told by friend that he reached 93 at least once..could be gun though) was placing it rather well.
His breaking pitches didn’t appear to have a a hard break but were rather loopy in nature. He still used them effectively however and mad hitters miss.
Ross began to tire in the top of the eighth from what it appeared as pitches began to sail on him. According to the gentleman sitting below us he had been keeping a rough pitch count on Seaton and that he was at or already close to closing in on 95 pitches.If this is true it means that his arm is getting stretched out at AA as it should.
Again this is just my observation on one game but I was impressed with how he handled himself after the rough start and settled down. Like most of our system’s prospects he too is very young and still raw but like the potential. If he fills out some more I can see a possible increase on his fastball. Breaking stuff needs a bit more of a sharp break to it as I fear if it doesn’t improve hitters at the next level will feast on it.

Now for my shock of the day. We've all been watching and commenting on Wikoff this season and it's for good reason. Wikoff continued his hot hitting today going 2-3. Although those hits were not the hardest hits they were well timed and placed. He has a fluid swing and good eye at the plate. However, as good as his hitting might be his glove work today really impressed me. He showed good range while playing third base. Made two spectacular play one on a ground ball to his left where after making the grab spun around and got the runner at first. The other was on a liner that was hit over his head. Even though it wasn't smoked it had some momentum but beginning to fall. Wikoff got underneath just enough for an over the shoulder backhanded catch. This young man impressed me quite a bit today. Although I'm sure he can't keep it up all season I am definitely keeping my eye on him from here on out.

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