Observations from Round Rock

I went to the Express-Redhawks game last night, so I figured I'd write up a review of what I saw while I nurse my hangover.

Arguello was the pitcher for OKC.  I was sitting in the 2nd row on the 3rd base line, so I had a good view of the game but not so great at seeing how pitches were breaking, etc.  He wasn't exactly lighting up the radar, I think he was mostly in the mid 80s, but he was effective.  He got in a bad jam in the 2nd but managed to get out of it with only allowing one run.  Overall, I didn't come away thinking Doug Arguello was going to be the next great Astro, but he certainly was effective enough that he may end up being a spot starter or lefty reliever.


OKC spanked RR's pitcher in the 2nd, putting up 9 runs.  As I'm sure you've heard, Koby Clemens went yard twice.  In the same inning.  He's much smaller than you'd expect a power hitting 1st baseman to be.  He's very stocky and compact.  The first HR was a fly ball to right center that wasn't in doubt.  The second HR was a line drive to left center that I didn't think was going out, but it did.  If it hadn't it still would've been a nice double off the wall.  Obviously when a guy hits 2 HRs in a game (much less in the same inning), you're going to be impressed, and I was, but I can see where his flaws are.  He's not very good on defense and he is extremely aggressive at the plate.  The pitcher for RR was throwing absolute meat; not sure why they left him in there.

Tommy Manzella played 3rd base to start this game.  He didn't really look all that great.  He's got good range and a strong arm, but his decision making seemed off.  They got a guy in a rundown and he ended up beaning the runner in the back, allowing two runners to advance.  That said, he was more impressive at the plate than I remember him being when I used to watch him when he played for RR.  He seemed to be hitting the ball hard, and he came away with 2 hits and a walk.  So maybe his offense is good enough for him to end up in the bigs for an extended stay.  On a lighter note, since I was so close to 3rd base, I paid a lot of attention to Manzo, and his interaction with opposing base runners and 3rd base coach made me come away with the opinion that he's probably a pretty cool guy in general.

I'd seen Jack Shuck a few times last year, so I already knew what to expect.  He didn't do anything to change my assessment that he will make someone a VERY good 4th OF for a long time.  He hit a triple, which showed his plus speed.  I didn't pay much attention to his defense.

Carlos Corporan was much smaller than I expected him to be.

I'm still high on Collin DeLome.  He just seems to always do well when I watch him.  He had a double and a single with a K.  He also flashed a little speed on the basepaths.  He played CF, and I don't remember seeing anything to make me think he wasn't good enough to be there, although RR's OF isn't exactly minute maid's.  I think DeLome could help someone as a 5th OF who can bat lefthanded, pinch run, and play plus defense at the corners.

Locke, Dopirak, Hernandez,, and Navarro didn't do anything to make me notice them.

Andy Simunic is my homeboy.  He got a pinch hit single in his one plate appearance.  I was fairly drunk by the time that happened so I made a scene.

I completely missed Wesley Wright's relief appearance, as my buddy and I were trying out the fast pitch booth.  It appears that he did well, as he threw a scoreless inning while striking out 2.

I'm a Chacin fan.  I like his presence and he always seems to get the job done when I'm watching.  I wouldn't hesitate to bring him up if something occured to necesitate callup up a lefthander.

Rodriguez and Escalona didn't do anyting that I noticed. 

THe SS for RR and the LF for RR both made fantastic diving catches.  Whoever the starter for RR was (Hankins) got completely rocked.  He did not look like he belonged.

One awesome thing that happened is that after Clemens went yard, the pitcher who relieved Hankins threw at him when he came up the next time and got ejected immediately.  He argued vehemently and then RR's manager joined in and got tossed as well.  Every time something like that happens I pray it escalates into a scene like that time that dude used the rosin bag as a grenade.  It didn't get that far last night, but it was still fun to watch.

Overall, another great night at the ballpark.  I LOVE minor league baseball.

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