2012 Rotations

MLB - Age - Profile (Assuming no injuries)

Brett Myers - 31 - Wandy more likely to be moved, and I doubt they move both. He's an innings eater who can be a good #4 on a playoff team and will make decent tradebait at next year's deadline. He'll be the opening day starter in lieu of a true ace.

Wandy Rodriguez - 33 - If he's traded, pencil in Sosa. Wandy's a very good #2 or #3 on any team.

Bud Norris - 27 - A good #3 pitcher. Was a good #2 for most of last season, but I don't see much more upside.

JA Happ - 29 - Take his MLB career to this point as a whole and he profiles as a decent #4.

Lucas Harrell - 26 - I have him beating out Henry Sosa among others. Enough competition that this spot should be fine. Along with Sosa, may be a stopgap player.

AAA - Age - Profile (Assuming no injuries)

Jordan Lyles - 21 - At this point likely a #3 starter, but could have a few years as a #2. Still, at his age, a VERY good opening day AAA starter.

Paul Clemens - 24 - Profiles much like Norris, could be a #2, but may be just a #4.

Dallas Keuchel - 24 - Probably tops out as a mid-rotation (#4) guy, but his floor is pretty high.

Aneury Rodriguez - 24 - Can now be moved back to the minors and into a rotation; I still have hope for him to be a middle rotation type, but at worst he's proven he can contribute in a bullpen.

Xavier Cedeno - 25 - Lefty resurrected himself last year; could be a back end starter or a LOOGY.

AA - Age - Profile (Assuming no injuries)

Jarred Cosart - 21 - Top 50 prospect could be anywhere from a future ace to just a setup man.

Brett Oberholtzer - 22 - Floor of a #5, ceiling of a #3.

Jake Buchanan - 22 - Opened some eyes last year, great #s so far. Probably ends up as a back end guy or middle reliever.

Ross Seaton - 22 - May just be a middle reliever at this point, but probably has a major league future.

Jose Cisnero - 23 - Ace potential, but just as likely may never make it past AA.

A+ - Age - Profile (Assuming no injuries)

Jack Armstrong Jr. - 21 - If he stays healthy, he's very likely to reach the bigs, even if it's not as a starter. Wide range of outcomes here.

Nick Tropeano - 21 - High floor, put up great #'s in pro debut. I'm calling him a #4 starter down the road.

Kyle Hallock - 23 - Another one with a high floor, also labeling him an eventual #4.

Jonas Dufek - 23 - Could have trouble in Lancaster, but debut was encouraging.

Bobby Doran - 23 - Former 4th rounder gets another crack at it. Hopes not high.

A - Age - Profile (Assuming no injuries)

Mike Foltynewicz - 20 - Former 1st rounder repeats; I expect domination. Future #2.

Tanner Bushue - 20 - Needs to show improvement and stay healthy. Looking like a bust at this point but the upside is still there.

Ruben Alaniz - 20 - Sleeper prospect has the goods. Future #3.

Tom Shirley - 23 - Injury risk is there. If healthy, has #2 upside, likely eventual reliever.

Jamaine Cotton - 21 - Could be many different players here, but Cotton opened eyes in 2011. A long way away.

Short Season - Age - Profile (Assuming no injuries)

Adrian Houser - 19 - A long ways away, but so far so good.

Vincent Velasquez - 19 - Injury muddied the waters, but the talent is there.

Michael Feliz - 18 - Bust potential is huge, but could be a future ace.

Christopher Lee - 19 - High pick didn't show much in debut.

Brandon Culbreth - 19 - High pick didn't show much in debut.

Luis Ordosgoitti - 19 - Opened some eyes, but was moved around.

Jose Montero - 18 - Not sure why he didn't pitch in 2011. Very high ceiling.

Harold Arauz - 17 - Big money int'l signee will get career started in 2012.

Edgar Ferreira - 19 - Took a step back in 2011. High bust potential but got big money in 2009.

Evan Grills - 19 - Made some progress and I've got him as a sleeper. Canadian will open some eyes in 2012 and will be a future #3.

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