TCB Fantasy League Update

It's time for an update on The Crawfish Boxes 16 team fantasy league.  We're 2/5 of the way through the fantasy regular season now, so by no means has anything been even remotely decided. However, if the season ended today, and if I understand how the playoffs will work correctly,  here is what the playoff seedings would look like, plus plenty more after the jump.

1. Hangin' with Cecil Cooper (DBAG) 8-1


2. Lancelot (LAN) 8-1


3.Ed Wade's Relievers (EWR) 5-4


4. Masked Mooners (MM) 7-2  No word on if this video is actually Tim...

5. Houston Buffalos (BUFF) 6-3


6. Bud Norris Facts (BUD) 6-3


The top 2 seeds would get byes and EWR would play BUD while MM would take on BUFF.


West Division breakdown:  Due to an 8 game win streak, Hanging with Cecil Cooper holds a two game lead over the Houston Buffalos and Bud Norris Facts. The surging Houston Buffalos have led the league in scoring each of the past weeks to jump into 2nd place in the overall points standings. Team 10 is 3-6 and Team 11 is currently 2-7 after dropping the past four weeks.

Central Division breakdown: Lancelot has led this division since week 1 and, at 8-1, currently has a one game lead on the Masked Mooners who has won five straight. Though having the 5th most points, Armadillos has had some bad luck with scheduling and is in third place with a 4-5. On the flip side, Beltran's Ear Mole is 15th in points, but is also 4-5. ijustcantseem2quitu and John Kruk's Ball Club both sit at 3-6.

East Division breakdown: Reminiscent of the 2008 NL West division, the divison leader is only a game over .500. By virtue of a 196 point lead in overall points 5-4 Ed Wade's Relievers currently holds the division lead over 5-4 MDC3's Pitching Coach. Sluggo and the Sluggin' Squirrels are 3rd and 4th respectively with records of 3-6. Team 4 rounds out the East division at 2-7.


Some Awards.... or something.

Best team: Hangin' with Cecil Cooper (DBAG) - I am a little biased here, but at 8-1 with a 336 point lead over the next highest point total, I can't help but pick myself. Finally being able to activate Stephen Strasburg last night certainly doesn't hurt my chances for continued success.

Runner-up: Lancelot (LAN) - Also at 8-1, Lancelot is the only team to beat DBAG and is currently third in total points. An extremely balanced team, Lancelot has an incredible 14 players with 150+ points.


Best draft pick to date: Armadillos - Ubaldo Jimenez. Round 6, 83rd overall. His 280 total points leads all pitchers and is only 16.5 points behind the leading hitter, who rather surprisingly is Kevin Youkilis.

Very close runner-up: Ed Wade's Relievers - Mike Pelfrey. Round 19, 297th overall. His 215 points is 5th among pitchers. This would easily be the best draft pick if Jimenez hadn't been so dominant. Jimenez's staying power gives him an edge in this race, but if Pelfrey remains in the top 5-10 all year, he will definitely end up as the best pick at 297.

Note: Kelly Johnson with 221 points at pick 313 would certainly be in consideration, however he's been sitting on Team 4's bench from day one.


Best Pick-ups: Masked Mooners - Jose A. Bautista, Casey McGehee. Added by MM on 4/24, Bautista has hit 15 HR's since being added and is currently the highest scoring LF, and fourth highest scoring 3B with 225.5 points. McGehee was added on 4/4 and MM has reaped the benefits of his 188.5 points all season.

Runners-up: Lancelot - Mike Leake and Jaime Garcia. Both added early in the season, LAN has profited immensely from two of the biggest surprises in the NL. Leake has 170 points and Garcia has scored 159.5 points.


Let's use the comment section be a forum for you all to debate this post, complain about how good my team is, as well as call out the teams that are not setting their lineups.

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