Some Late Round Picks including one pitcher who reminds me of the Rocket!

I was going through again looking at the draft. I scrolled though the Astros draft picks and click on the draftees who had scouting videos on them and found some interesting looking prospects. My thinking is that if MLB took time to make a video for a prospect, then there might be something good going with that draftee. Also, I am not David Coleman, so my post with not be as awesome as David's posts (props to you David!), but I hope you find my post helpful and interesting.

12th Round: James Robinson, RHP, Georgia Tech

  • My analysis is based fully on the video, but from what I saw, he looks like he has okay stuff. Throws 88-91 MPH on the fastball. His 2 Seam Fastball has some good movement that could get some groundballs, but I didn't see any secondary pitches in the video.  
  • Being a college pitcher, he probably is more developed than most pitchers and probably has good control, but that is all hypothetical. In conclusion, I believe he'll be a bullpen guy for the Astros with his average stuff and lack of projectability (as far as I can tell from his body). Whether or not he has any success as a pitcher depends on the development of his secondary pitche(s), which I'm sure he has some.
  • Here's the link

32nd Round: William Chrismon, RHP, Menchville HS (Virginia)

  • Now this pitcher looks like a big guy for a high schooler. Most of the top picks in the draft obviously have a ton of projectability due to their length and lack of muscle growth, but Chrismon looks to have already filled out his body, so there's little room for improvement there.
  • On the other hand, he could grow more or develop more arm strength which would up a few ticks on his fastball, which, according to the video, sits around 88 MPH. Chrismon also shows a breaking pitche in what appears to be an okay curve.
  • What does all this mean? I believe he will be another bullpen guy for the Astros who could help in long relief like a Brian Moehler or if he develops a little better stuff, he could be a Jeff Fulchino (big, durable relievers). The thing that caught my eye is how Chrismon looks a little like Roger Clemens. His stocky stature, his looks (as far as I can tell from the video), and lastly his pitching motion is similar to the Rocket, especially at the side view of the high schooler. Well, I think I have just forgotten the last factor in projection... ROIDS! If Chrismon starts using those, then he is a sure shot to becoming a reincarnation of the Rocket!...... JK, guys! I don't condone taking steroids or any other type of performance-enhancing drugs i.e. cheating the game. And I don't mean any disrespect to Mr. Chrismon if he takes any insult to my purely hypothetical analysis.
  • Check out his pitching motion

33rd Round: Michael Ness, RHP, Duke


  • He's a Dukie! I'm not sure how competitive the ACC is in baseball, but I do know that UNC is a good program in that division. Surely, Ness has faced the Tarheels, so he has had some good competition. I actually found some stats on this guy from the Duke website. He is a relief pitcher who threw 44.1 innings, striking out 38 and walking 11 in 2009 (via Duke website). I find some of his accolades in high school much more interesting:


High School

  • Two-year letterwinner at Seton Hall Prep
  • Earned all-state and all-county honors as a senior after going 11-2 with a 1.89 ERA and 111 strikeouts
  • Captained the team as a senior
  • Named National Pitcher of the Week by USA Today on June 21, 2006
  • Louisville Slugger Preseason All-America selection as a senior
  • Led Seton Hall Prep to state titles during his junior and senior seasons
  • Went 8-0 with a 0.79 ERA and 75 strikeouts as a junior to earn all-county and all-area accolades
  • National Honor Society member
  • All- state AND ALL-COUNTRY honors!? With pretty good numbers too. I'm not sure why he has pitched mainly in relief at Duke. Why not start the guy?! So there's some concrete stats, and here comes my amazing hypothetical analysis from the video...
    • My thoughts on his success so far including his gaudy numbers at Seton Hall Prep, is due to his ability to command his pitches. Ness features a good 2 seam fastball and what looks like a solid breaking pitch (slider?) He also has a changeup (possibly a straight changeup). From the video, I could see him as a control pitcher who commands both sides of the plate with his 2seam fastball to the outside corner for lefties and his slider that runs in for lefties and vice versa for righties. And his straight change works well against lefties and possibly righties. He has a simple delivery where he hesitates a little, which could through off a batter's timing. He's also a 6-foot-4 guy, so he has good height. He could develop more stuff by adding muscle strength through professional training.
    • In conclusion, I feel that Ness could be a back end starter for that Astros down the line. With his control and sharp slider, he could be an innings-eater who gets a lot of groundballs. Or he could just end up in the bullpen as he has at Duke and as many pitchers are projected when drafted this late.
    • MLB Video:

    Round 44: Thomas Pecoraro, RHP, Half Hollow West HS (New York)

    • This pitcher appears to me as the one who has the most potential out of all the the prospects I have listed here. Apparently he's on the High School 92 MPH Plus Club.
    • There's not much else I could find on the guy, but I guess being on this list of high school pitchers is not a bad thing. Just think, he's included in a "select" group with Jameson Taillon!
    • So anyway, looking at the video multiple times, I gleaned that he is a lanky pitcher (where have we heard that before?). Also, it looks like he has a short-arm delivery that creates some deception to his fastball. The ball appears to have some late life. There was no evidence of any secondary pitches, but I'm sure he has one or two.
    • So what does this all mean? I think with his lanky frame, little polish because he is a high school pitcher, and with some muscle growth and refinement of his delivery, Pecoraro could surprise and be a back end starter. His stuff should get better, and he has some deception with his delivery. Another scenario could be that he is a set up man in the bullpen. He might find success pitching to a batting order only once with his short armed delivery and sneaky fastball.
    • MLB Video: 

     Thanks for reading my post, and I hope you enjoyed it. Please comment.

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