Astro players with a Thanksgiving theme.

Bud Norris doesn't eat turkey for Thanksgiving he eats Cardinal hitters.

Thanksgiving is here, which means time for family, friends, football, and FOOD!

While your chomping away on that turkey or trying to escape the in-laws or rug rats, here's a list of former Astros whose names have a Thanksgiving theme.

Nate Bland: A 28 year old left handed pitcher who appeared in 22 games for the Astros in 2003 posting a 5.75 ERA. Hopefully most of your food was good, but I'm sure some of you ran across something bland, not unlike the pitchers time in the big leagues.

Hal and Ollie Brown: One of the theme colors for Thanksgiving, there have been two Browns who have played for the Astros.

Hal Brown was a right handed pitcher who finished his career with the Astros, then the Colt .45's in 1963 and 1964. He was an astounding 8-26 in 41 starts 53 games total posting a reasonable 3.26 ERA. His 91 ERA+ (which adjusts for ballparks) though suggests he was below average. Quite a different era.

Ollie Brown a 30 year old rightfielder was purchased by the Astros at the beginning of the 1974 season, eventually ending up on waivers and being selected by the Phillies June 24th of that same year. He played in 27 games batting .217/.260/.362 in 73 plate appearances.

Mike Burns: Did you overcook the turkey?

A 26 year old right handed pitcher who debuted with the Astros in 2005 appearing in 27 games for 31 innings and  a 4.94 ERA.

Tim Byrdak: How could I not include the lefty reliever, whose last name is often associated with a bird, off a Thanksgiving themed list.

So far he's posted a 3.53 ERA in 155.1 innings over a three year tenure with the Astros.


Dave and Jim Campbell: Some of your family might brag about the gravy being home made, but if you look in the trash you might find this. I don't think so grandma!

Dave Campbell was an infielder acquired by the Astros from the Cardinals in an August trade back in 1973. He played with the Astros the entire next season in what would be his final season. Overall in 44 games he racked up 40 plate appearances going .158/.179/.237 line. Yikes!

Jim Campbell was a catcher who played for the Astros in 1962 and 1963, and that was his career in the majors. During that time he batted .221/.269/.336 hitting 7 homeruns in 82 games.

Ron Cook: Do I really need to give an explanation.

A young lefty pitcher who spent two season pitching for the Astros in 1970 and 1971. He started 11 games while appearing in 41 games total, posting a 4.00 ERA.

Brandon Duckworth: I've never had the pleasure of having duck on Thanksgiving but I've heard of people doing it.

Part of the Billy Wagner trade he never quite got it done. In two seasons with the Astros he made 8 starts in 26 games posting an 8.08 ERA. I don't think I'll ever try duck now.

Jim Fuller: Cause I'll be fuller once dinner is done. All complaints about my corny jokes can be submitted to the cyborg David Coleman.

An outfielder and first baseman Fuller played for the Astros in 34 games in 1977. He batted .160/.243/.280.

Jason Green: Love me some green beans.

Jason Green was a 25 year old right handed relief pitcher who pitching in 14 games in 2000. In 17.2 innings he posted a 6.62 ERA.

Robbie Wine: What's Thanksgiving without a little wine to wash it all down.

A young 20 something catcher who played for the Astros in 1986 and 1987 unfortunately he only got in a total of 23 games. His batting line of .146/.186/.195 was not good. Which was surprising considering he was selected by the Astros with the number 8 pick of the 1983 amateur draft.

Bud Norris: For many of you a Thanksgiving game wouldn't be complete without a little beer.

To this point Norris has pitched to the tune of a 4.82 ERA in 209.1 innings.


Those of you not passed out from the turkey, did I miss any?

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