Super Sunday Links 24 Oct 2010

for your eyes only


Baseball Beginnings " What I learned in Scout School
Interesting take on scouting. It's long, but well worth the read for anyone interested in talking about or trying to analyze minor leaguers and amateurs.

Game Report: Kyle Skipworth, C, Florida Marlins : Scouting the Sally
Reason No. 78 why I'm glad we have Bobby Heck. Many people thought the Astros were crushed Skipworth wasn't there at No. 10 for them. Looks like Heck beat consensus again.

Baseball Beginnings " Scouting Video: Matt Dean, INF, The Colony (TX) HS (2011 Draft)
It's never too early to start thinking about the 2011 draft. Dean gets mentioned here only because he's from Houston. Local kids always get noticed first this early in the process. Sounds like he needs some polish, but that swing looks like it could propel him into the first 10 rounds.



Thoughts on Iwakuma | FanGraphs Baseball
Does it make sense for Houston to go after this guy?

Farmstros: Database Explanation
Farmstros has compiled a database of all the players in the Astros organization, a valuable tool for anyone interested in the Astros.

2010 Least Valuable Player » Baseball-Reference Blog » Blog Archive
Carlos Lee isn't on this list!! Although, to be fair, this doesn't take into account salary, just performance. 20 home runs buys you a little respect, I guess.


Astros County: Qs, As with Mike Modica
Another great minor league interview via Astros County. This time, he talks with Mike Modica, a 2009 draft pick who pitched at two different levels in the Astros system last season.

Astros County: Qs, As with Aaron Bray
Interview with Aaron Bray who was drafted in the 27th round of the 2009 draft. He spent this year working on his swing and adjusting to life as a professional ball player.


Former Players

Joe Posnanski » Posts The Tony Pena Story «
A very good story from 2003 about Tony Pena, who won the AL Manager of the Year award in 2003 with the Kansas City Royals, and was a former Astros player, Minor League manager and bench coach.


Sports Related

Helmet Safety Unchanged as Injury Concerns Rise -
As a sports fan and a parent this should worry you. Its focus is on football, but should be taken into account with any sport. NOCSAE is involved with all athletic equipment.

SB Nation Featured Video
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