The Astros CAN contend in 2010......If EVERYTHING falls into place


I was just looking at the Astros 2005 you remember that group?

Here are the starters at the beginning of 2005 in the field:

(Not in order)

1B – Jeff Bagwell (Only played in 39 games .250/3HR)

2B – Craig Biggio (.264/26HR)

3B – Morgan Ensberg (.283/36HR)

SS – Adam Everett (.248/11HR)

LF – Jason Lane (.267/26HR)

CF – Willy Taveras (.291/3HR)

RF – Luke Scott (.188/0HR Scott only had 80 at bats with a platoon in right with Palmeiro (.284/3HR 103 games)

C – Brad Ausmus (.258/3HR)

Now obviously they had guys playing huge roles coming off the bench like Mike Lamb (.236/12HR) and Lance Berkman (.293/24HR) (Berkman played first base when Bagwell went down early that year.)

(Biggio, Ensberg, Everett and Lane all had career highs in HR’s in 2005)

Now to the pitching. The starting five:

1)     Roger Clemens (13-8/1.87era)

2)     Roy Oswalt (20-12/2.94)

3)     Andy Pettitte (17-9/2.39)

4)     Wandy Rodriguez (10-10/5.53)

5)     Brandon Backe (10-8/4.76)

(Chad Qualls, Dan Wheeler and Brad Lidge taking care of the back end of games before Lidge went "Brain Dead" and forgot how to close out games. I wonder if we win the Series if Garner has Wheeler and/or Qualls closing???)

This is what WENT to the World Series in 2005. Yes, they had some guys step up the power numbers but no one went crazy with RBI. They had 3 very good pitchers but only one guy (Oswalt) with Cy-Young type numbers. Everything had to fall into place. You don’t just fall into a World Series. You have to get breaks and have things happen that help you win games; games that you probably shouldn’t win. Even the Yankees can’t buy into the World Series. You have to have talent and luck.

As 2010 rolls around, the Astros have a similar line up to ’05 and we can contend...but everything and I mean EVERYTHING must fall into place perfectly. We have a solid first baseman who should throw up good numbers. Solid power numbers from 3rd, left and right. Speed in center. If our young defensive stud shortstop is as good as advertised out defense up the middle will be very good. The defense as a whole should be better especially on the left side.  

There’s going to be one thing missing without some attention from Ed Wade. And that is the #3 starter. Roy and Wandy are going to do their thing. I don’t think 13-15 wins each is out of the question. What are you going to get from Paulino, Bazardo, Moehler or whoever else appears to be ready to be in the 4-5 slots? You just don’t know. Is David "Bud" Norris ready to be the #3 starter? You just don’t know. I don’t believe he is. I think he will be very good; but not right now.  He needs to be in that #4 slot preparing for his rightful #2 position. A position that I believe he will take sooner than later. The Astros have a chance to contend in 2010; but it will take one more move.  Joel Pineiro, Jarrod Washburn, Justin Duchscherer, Jason Marquis, fill-in-the-blank! You pick your favorite; but the Astros MUST add a pitcher to the rotation.

I trust Ed Wade. Whatever you do Ed…..don’t let us down……go get a pitcher.

Playoffs in 2010??? It's up to the front office now.

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