The game yesterday and Stros in general

What a nightmare for the pitchers. Every flyball was an adventure and 8 HRs total was pretty crazy. The only HR that was truly impressive was Pence's.

The good news:

Bourn is looking excellent. Having GREAT ABs and putting great contact on the ball. He is also amazing in CF. Anything close to this production and he will give the Astros the best leadoff hitter since Biggs of 8 years ago.

Pence is giving a mixed bag but good for the most part. His patience at the plate is worrisome to me but he has so much power he can get away with it more than most. If he was more selective no telling what he could accomplish this year.

Lee and Berkman both look like they should right now and that is always good.

Backe looks really good to me. He has had some good and not so good outings. I think he will put it together for a real solid campaign this year.

Roy Oswalt. Will win the Cy Young and most wins in 20 years or so.

Valverde is the only RP that has looked really good though they have enough arms to have a solid relief core.

The Bad:

Woody has been the pits this spring. Everyone is questioning if he will even make the team. Nothing he is doing seems to work this spring. JD(announcer) suggests he throws backwards like he did at the end of his career or like Jamie Moyer does now. Mainly throw junk and limit his 84 mph FB under 20 times per game.

Tejada has butchered SS all spring and though I am not that worried about his swing he hasn't done anything to relax the critics that think he is declining rapidly. I think he will be fine.

All the nagging injuries. The whole Paulino thing is very strange. Never heard of it until yesterday. Someone said he had a family friend in the Phillies organization with the same kind of problem and after a while they eventually removed part of a rib(I know this is crazy) and he was better in weeks. He had pain for a long time and post surgery he gained 4mph on his stuff.

Towles, Valverde, Matsui, and Wandy will all play big rolls on the club but haven't played in a while. Not a great thing.

What they might do:

It looks like Wright has the stuff to be on the roster and probably has the inside track right now. Sampson will likely get a spot in the rotation now and for sure if Woody continues to stumble. With Matsui out for the fist week or two Q might make the team and might even get traded in May. Abercrombie has come on strong lately but I don't think he makes the team over Cruz who is probably the Spring MVP.

That is all I can think of right now but if anyone hasn't seen or heard the Stros much ask a question and having seen or heard all the games available I will answer if I know something.


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